10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Relationship

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It is normal that, after a time together, the relationship does not seem the same anymore. Fights, disagreements, pride, hurt, all these things can contribute to the relationship become less pleasant. With that in mind, we indicate 10 simple ways to improve your relationship.

1) Talk about the little things that bother you

Avoid holding your opinion about the attitudes that bother you about your partner. Small everyday things can later be the trigger for major disagreements.

The solution: if, for example, you are bothered by something as simple as the wet towel on the bed, talk to him the first time this happens and explain your reasons, while listening to him.

2) Don’t keep grievances

Sometimes, the result of past hurts that have not earned proper attention is a worn-out relationship. When you fall out, stop bitterness towards your mate. Your partner may have done or said something that hurt you, but if you don’t forgive it fully, the hurt will interfere with the relationship later. 

The solution: talk about it and look for a solution that pleases both of you. Try to speak without confronting or appearing accusatory, but in a way that expresses how you feel. You may suddenly discover that the intention was not to offend you.

3) Don’t let jealousy ruin the relationship

As difficult as it may seem, try to control excess jealousy or distrust. A fit of mild and thoughtful jealousy can be healthy for the relationship, but when there is a need to control your partner, it turns into fights that make you both unhappy.

The solution: it is important that you recognize that the root of this problem is your insecurity and, thus, try to avoid unnecessary fights. Recognizing the problem is one of the best ways to improve your relationship.

4) Don’t idealize your partner

Avoid placing excessive expectations on your partner. Often, at the beginning of the relationship, people expect their partners to put them as a priority, surprise them, support them, always be smiling, and so on. Without realizing it, very high expectations are created and you forget that nobody is perfect. Very high expectations lead to disappointment and frustration.

The solution: try to control anxiety and accept your partner as he is, without expecting him, to let our partners be themselves, and accept and love them for it.

5) Spend time alone with your love

Avoid creating a distance between the couple. This is not just a problem of having children, but also of couples who work excessively or are always traveling. Couples who do not spend time alone end up creating a distance between them. While spending time with your children, friends, or family is good, it is important to set aside time for two.

The solution: reserve time for each other throughout the day and take the deal seriously. Go out for dinner, go to the movies or something that both of you can enjoy, and take a breather in your busy family life. 

6) Keep communication up to date

Good communication is essential for a good relationship. If there are problems, you must recognize them and work to resolve them. Communication is not just about discussing the relationship or fighting. Communication means revealing your feelings – frustrations, dreams, fears – without fear of showing weakness.

 Ways to improve communication

The solution: avoid talking just to discuss the relationship. Also communicate how happy you are with your partner, how much you love them and what things they do that please you. Daily communication is a very important ways to improve your relationship.

7) Give sincere compliments

Everyone likes to be recognized and praised for what they do. So, in the same way, not recognizing the partner’s merits can end up with a healthy relationship. It may be because he cooks something you like, or supports you and understands your work. Lack of recognition can be extremely frustrating and undermine goodwill.

The solution: instead of complaining that the kitchen is a mess, or saying that it is his obligation to understand your profession, take the time to say thanks and appreciate the partner’s attitudes. This small attitude of appreciation of the partner can make the person feel loved, important in his life.

8) Be affectionate

We are not only talking about sex, but all the affectionate touches. For the couple to remain connected, keep the relationship always renewed and be sure to take care of each other, there must be affection between them. In addition, studies show that, for women, receiving attention from the loved one and being caressed by it work as preliminaries to sexual intercourse.

The solution: don’t forget to pay attention to your partner. Massage your back while he (or she) watches TV, touch your loved one when you are talking and whatever else your creativity allows.

9) Give up wanting to always be right

Be flexible, both in discussions and in everyday conversations. Avoid wanting to be always right and not taking responsibility for relationship problems. To prevent your stubbornness from destroying your relationship, take your partner’s opinion into account.

The solution: remember that there is no reason to be afraid of appearing weak in front of your loved one. Assume your mistakes and develop the habit of apologizing when you are wrong.

10) Do not let the relationship fall into the routine

Comfort and routine can end any couple. Leaving the relationship on autopilot takes all the fun and pleasure out of being in a relationship in the first place.

The solution: you must always be investing in ways to improve your relationship. Seeking new things couple can to do together, trying to win and win back the partner daily, surprising him. The relationship is something that needs to be nurtured so that it doesn’t end.


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