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12000 Series Error Code in QuickBooks – Payroll Update Error Fix

QuickBooks Payroll Software has arisen as outstanding amongst other payroll and accounting software for little and medium organizations. 


Notwithstanding, frequently clients face the underneath referenced error messages while downloading or refreshing the software. While Working on QuickBooks payroll or while refreshing payroll, the client may experience the 12000 series error code in QuickBooks. In the event that you are likewise confronting any such error, at that point adhere to this article till the end. 

In this article, we will clarify the potential causes just as investigating techniques to tackle these error codes. For the most part, these errors happen when getting updates in QuickBooks desktop or payroll updates. 

What are the 12000 Series Error Code in QuickBooks? 

Discussing QuickBooks 12XXX windows internet availability errors, they are for the most part detailed from the Microsoft Win32 Internet application programming interface. These errors are by and large observed when the client downloads an update. 

Rundown of 12000 series error codes 

Not many normal 12XXX series errors territories: 

  • Error Code 12002 

  • Error Code 12001 

  • Error Code 12009

  • Error Code 12007 

  • Error Code 12029 

  • Error Code 12006 

  • Error Code 12164 

  • Error Code 1203

  • Error Code 12008 

  • Error Code 12052 

  • Error Code 12057 

  • Error Code 12152 

  • Error Code 12157 

  • Error Code 12165 

  • Error Code 12166

  • Error Code 12173 

QuickBooks error 12001 through 12006 

QuickBooks desktop can’t finish this update. Guarantee the internet connection is working in an appropriate way. 

QuickBooks error 12007 

This error could be seen when the QuickBooks desktop can’t discover an IP address for a server. 

QB error 12008 by means of 12164 

QuickBooks desktop can’t finish the update, as the internet connection can be the issue. 

QuickBooks error 12052 

It is a vague error message that shows a network issue keeping QuickBooks from downloading any sort of updates. 

Why does the 12000 Series Error Code in QuickBooks happen?

  • These errors happen on the grounds that QuickBooks can’t utilize the internet connection on the PC. 

  • The primary purpose of Payroll software not having the option to get to the internet connection is that the applications installed in the PC influence the QuickBooks Download. This incorporates antivirus security, firewalls, and numerous others.

  • The errors can likewise occur because of internet disappointments. 

  • This happens when Internet Explorer isn’t the default internet browser or the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) checkbox isn’t chosen in Internet Explorer Option. 

Significant: “As Intuit reports QuickBooks Update Error 12007 or other 12000 seriesis generally caused at the point when QuickBooks isn’t having the option to discover an IP address for a server. To fix QuickBooks Update Error 12007 you need to ensure that your Internet Explorer is arranged appropriately”. 


Steps to Solve 12000 Series Error Code in QuickBooks

To dispose of these errors, the client needs to do certain techniques. Doing any of the beneath expressed techniques can help the QB clients to dispose of the QuickBooks 12000 series errors. The techniques to be actualized are as per the following: 


Fix 1: Test Connectivity and Settings 

  • Most importantly, the client is needed to check on the off chance that he/she can get to a safe site other than QuickBooks like a sign- page of the monetary foundation. 

  • Incase admittance to quite a safe site isn’t occurring, at that point, it is prescribed to look for help from your IT master.

  • Now check the SSL setting. 

  • After this confirm if Internet Explorer is the default program or not or utilizing some other internet browser in its place. 

  • Survey the settings of Internet Explorer. 


Fix 2: Configure the Internet Explorer Settings 

1. Close your QuickBooks desktop and open the Internet Explorer program on your system. 

2. After that pick Tools and click on Internet Options. 

3. Now pick the Advanced tab. 

4. After that, move your cursor to the Security gathering and hit a click on that to clear the checkbox for Check for server authentication disavowal and Check for distributors’ declaration denial 

5. Now close and open the Internet Explorer (IE) program. 

6. And afterward open your QuickBooks desktop. 

7. At long last attempt to endeavor payroll updates once more. 


Fix 3: Review the Internet Explorer (IE) Settings 

Your Internet Explorer settings can be likewise the explanation behind these errors. Follow the Steps for Restoring the Internet Explorer Settings: 

1. Above all else you need to close the QuickBooks desktop and afterward open the Internet Explorer program. 

2. Click on Tools and Internet Options. 

3. After this select the Security tab and afterward tap on the Globe symbol and ensure that the security setting for this is no higher than medium-high. 

4. At that point select the Content Tab and guarantee that the button for Content Advisor is Enable. In the event that it isn’t, at that point click on the button and give the password and afterward handicap content counsel. 

5. After this choice on the Connections Tab choice. Significant Steps to Restore Internet Explorer Settings 

6. Select Never Dial as a Connection on the off chance that you don’t go through the dial hub (DUN) on the system. 

7. On the off chance that a dial-up hub (DUN) is utilized, at that point guarantees that the privilege ISP is chosen. And afterward, click on the OK button.

8. At the lower part of the tab is LAN Settings, Click on it. Ensure that the checkbox for the naturally distinguished settings is checked.

9. Check if Use a Proxy Server is clear and when there is a checkmark in a Use a Proxy Server, at that point record the address and port it. Don’t UNCHECK Use an intermediary, if the port is some different option from port 80. In the event that it is port 80, uncheck the utilization of an intermediary for testing purposes. 

10. Now click on the LAN Settings Screen: 

  • Select on the Advanced tab. 

  • Click on Restore Advanced Settings. 

  • Check Settings and look to discover use TLS 1.0, Use TLS 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 alternatives. At that point confirm Use TLS 1.0 is checked. 

  • Confirm if Use TLS 1.1 and Use TLS 1.2 are not checked. 

11. Now click on OK to close the Internet Options. 

12. After this additionally close Internet Explorer. 

13. Restart the PC. 

14. Also, now open QuickBooks and attempt to update once more. 

Scarcely any other fixing you can attempt 

1. After you are finished restarting the PC at that point reset the QuickBooks updates and attempt to download and install the QuickBooks update. Guarantee that the company file is in single-client mode.

2. Install QuickBooks in Selective Startup. 


Actualizing the above-expressed techniques can help the QB clients to dispose of 12000 series error codes in QuickBooks in a matter of seconds.

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