3D Printed Miniatures for office and Home

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Decorating your personal space be it your home or office is something one can never compromise on. Creating your own personalised items to mark your style and space is something many people look out for.This article is to make you familiar with the newest custom 3D printing technology which can transform your perspective towards home décor.

Coming of the age art has created its own niche with a variety of new techniques. The most appealing and creative one being the personalised 3D  Printed products.

What if I told you, that you can get your own 3D printed miniatures made? Sounds fun right !

3D Printed Products as the name suggests are miniature models which are versatile and can fit into every kind of setting be it professional or home. They provide the most pleasing demeanour for a dull and lousy room.

Custom 3D printing technique has become more accommodating as now you can add your own charm to the items you get made.

What are 3D Printed Miniatures?

Gone are the days when you had to sit for hours to get your portrait made. With new technology 3D professionals are well equipped to even create your own 3D miniatures by just using your selfie.

Still not sure what 3D printed Miniatures are ? They are basically a 3D Printed Scale replica of a person or any other figurine that you want to get made. Your portrait just got 3D with the latest printing and 3D modelling services! A miniature model of your kid, your pet or even your whole family,the technique got it all covered

How are 3D Printed Miniaturesmade ?

FDM stands for Fused Deposition Modelling. It is used to customise 3D products by using different types of materials like PLA, ABS, and Polycarbonate etc.  This technology ensures that the miniatures are nuanced and showcase all the details told by you.

These 3D printed  miniatures products are very light in weight and easy to carry. You just need to find the perfect spot for it’s placement and you are sorted.

What are the best 3D printed Decor items for you?

The best thing about 3D  printed miniatures and figurines is that you can get creative with them and you can get them personalised by adding on your own quirks and inputs. Personalising your surroundings was never this easy . Not only they add a vibrant look to your workplace but they also give that aesthetic modern art vibe which everyone craves for

3D Printed Decor Items for Office

Bored of your office setting and want to add a little razzle dazzle to the monotony? Go creative with this 3D technology

1. Print Your own 3D products

Get your family photos curated into lively 3D printed models and place them in your office or home for a touch of warmth.  All you need is your photographs and a side profile and you are good to go. 

 2. Light up your world with 3D Printed Lamps

You can get customised lamps based on your colour choice , texture and effects to add that spark in your office space and to keep your mood lightened all the time.

3. Customised 3D Printed Pots

What’s better than having cute and tiny miniature flower pots around your office to go green and for the refreshing touch of nature . You can get these pots curated with different surfaces based on your likings

4. Go spiritual with a 3D printed deity

You can get a customised 3D printed model inclined towards your spiritual beliefs. Get an artistic model of god/goddesses you look up to for the much needed peace and tranquillity.

5. Get organised with 3D printed office tools !

Get pen holders , or miniature shelves made to accommodate all your office tools. You can get various place holders or mini cabinets made to store small items which you would usually misplace.

Say no to cluttering and get yourself organised .

3D Printed Items for HOME Decor

Your home is your personal space and who doesn’t like to fill it with memories and lovely artefacts which are anything but adorable. To give a unique and real touch up to your house,  3D printed Decor items give you an opportunity to stand out when it comes to home decor

1. Save your memories in 3D Miniatures

Get your favourite memories recreated and watch it everyday through the 3D miniature painting technique. You just need a photograph and it will be converted into a beautiful miniature which you can easily place around your house to make it a home!

2. Get personalised 3D Printed Toys for kids

Be it your kid’s favourite action heroes or cartoon characters get them all made into mini toys through the customised 3D printing . Simply place them in their rooms and let the fun begin!  You can customise the whole room with different figurines to take It up a step.

3. Channelise your inner Interior Designer through 3D Printing!

Home décor items can range from anything as small as a tea coaster to a customised miniature statue.

Just look through all the empty spaces in your home and figure out what works for you the best.

4. Buy Custom 3D Printed Gifts !

Who doesn’t love a customised gift? Be it your grandparents or your children everyone loves a good thought gift with personalized details.  3D printed items will just do the trick for you.

Now you can get your loved ones anything they like through this unique technique. 


This article focuses on everything about why people buy 3D printed products which are revolutionising décor and design.

 3D Printed items  are in trend among all the age groups. Customised 3D printed products add a brilliant touch to your surroundings with their colourful and nuanced designs . The unique incentive as to why you should go for 3D Printed Product is how creatively you can get them curated based on your own whims and wishes. 

People are attracted towards this latest trend and buy such customised 3D products for various reasons, be it to improve their office decor or to revamp their house. 3D printed products are the new modern art form which can make your surroundings more welcoming and luring.


What are you waiting for? Just Get your own Custom 3D printed products to have the best workplace and home ambience and stand out from the crowd.

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