5 Tips For Negotiating Property Value

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A property is undoubtedly one of the biggest investments that most people make throughout their lives. Therefore, it is normal to feel insecure when it comes to negotiations to get a particular house. But do not be alarmed, we guarantee that after reading this article you will have some notions on how to react to some steps ahead.

1 – Discover the offers

In the real estate area, it is essential to do market research. Whether to sell or to buy a house, you must always be aware of other offers that are similar to your property.

When buying an Abbotsford BC homes for sale you should know exactly what you want to spend and never exceed that budget. The first step, as has already been written here, will be to analyze the existing offers within the stipulated value. This is one of the most important steps throughout the process. You can always count on the help of a real estate agent, he will soon know which properties are most identified with what you want. Always make a list of the various properties you are analyzing, comparing the size of the house, the year of construction, location, and facilities, such as the parking lot or schools in the surrounding area. With this method, you will have the notion of which houses are really worth visiting and perhaps move on to the negotiation stage.


2 – Set your budget

Set a value for your budget, and stick to that number. You will probably tend to give in when faced with a lot of demand and little supply. Especially, if the first negotiations do not go well, you will always have the tendency to do so.

Set a comfortable budget for buying a home in Abbotsford BC. If you apply for a mortgage, this will be a monthly expense that will accompany you for a few years.


3 – Learn how to make a proposal

Once you’ve found the home of your dreams, find out how to act when making a proposal. You must anticipate all steps and prevent counter-proposals other than your initial one. You should take these aspects into account:

– The maximum amount for the acquisition of the property;

– What is the maximum value for the signal;

– Contingency management;

– Flexibility with the acquisition terms;

There are very common mistakes practiced, especially by buyers of the first home, such as substantially lowering the value in the proposal presented to the seller. Thus, you run the risk of not being taken seriously and of not getting an answer.

Be fair in your proposals, if the property is not undervalued do not decrease the overall value proposed or simply do not change the value. Stand out, propose a high signal within your budget. Try to understand if the seller still lives in the house and propose a flexible term for the deed, taking this aspect into account. There are numerous ways to negotiate without necessarily having to present a lower overall value on the property.


4 – Stay Neutral

If you think it’s a much easier process when hiring a real estate agent, you’re fine! Professionals in this field know what they are doing, and make the hard work of negotiating house prices much faster.

It is only important that when visiting a home for sale in Abbotsford BC you remain neutral and do not show too much enthusiasm. So you are helping your real estate agent to negotiate a good value for the property or better conditions for you.


5 – Know the terms for a proposal

If your proposal is enlightening, it will stand out from the others and make it easier for the seller to choose. You must bear in mind that any proposal you make will be mentioned in the promise to buy and sell the contract. All points that must be included in the proposal are:

– Global value – It is the global value that is proposed by the housing;

– Valor do Sinal – Value that you can give to guarantee the purchase of the house;

– CPCV deadline – Here you must clarify the time you need to sign the promissory purchase and sale contract;

– Term for the deed – After signing the CPCV, you must indicate how many days you need to carry out the deed;

– Contingencies – Unforeseen events happen, but if you know how to identify them beforehand, the better. You must also indicate whether you are waiting for a response to proceed with the process;

– Payment method – Identify the payment method, whether you will pay in cash or if you will apply for a bank loan;


If eventually, the first deal does not go well, do not give up looking for another property. Just don’t make the mistake of offering a value that will later be uncomfortable for you. Always consider hiring a real estate agent, so that the search for the ideal home is easier.


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