7 Expert Tips for Casino Game Design

The reason for every one of these advice is to encourage patrons to devote additional time in the casino and, consequently, spend additional cash within the establishment.

1. Build Windowless Walls

The theory behind windowless walls and the absence of clocks – is to inhibit the sponsors’ perception of time. The goal with the common casino design feature is always to lock casino patrons to maintain playing, not be worried about staying late.

2. Devise Maze-Like Layouts

Casinos really should not be easy to browse. Alternatively, casino designers should aim to keep patrons inside the construction by permitting them to find new matches and activities. You could even ‘pad’ bars, games, and other ‘obstacles’ along the road to the exit.

3. Maintain Patrons Comfortable

You need to incorporate dining spaces and pubs right into your casino design. All these are generally crucial adventures and play an integral role in keeping patrons at the construction.

You may want to add designated smoking areas as well – casinos receive as many as 50-million non-smoking patrons every year.

4. Use Raised Access Floors

A raised access floor process is an untrue floor you freeze across the actual floor/ground.

The purpose is to use the space in between the real and false floors — i.e., the plenum — into house fiber optic cables, electric wiring, plumbing, along with other MEP properties.

With raised access floors, you’ll be able to free up significant living area, which you may use for lounges, dining areas, bars, and other facilities.

5. Ensure Patrons Get the Games, Food & Beverages

This section is really a continuation of our third point — i.e., keeping patrons comfortable — however, can be a design element from itself. Having dining areas et. Al. from the casino is merely a part of the struggle; you need to position them in regions where patrons can easily find them.

6. Select Durable Materials

The necessity to replace endings or repair building systems, such as HVAC, will raise the lifecycle cost of operating the casino. However, encouraging investment from high quality materials from the beginning would not merely reduce those prices but might contribute to attaining a LEED certificate by increasing the building’s green friendliness.

7. Focus on Economy Electricity

Generally in most construction types, the HVAC system consumes the most power, followed by light and equipment. It’s obvious a casino design that enriches power usage across each one of these areas will excel in cutting edge costs.

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