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7 Web Development Trends in 2021 You Must Know

The trends of Web development is changing every single year. If you wish to sustain the ever-rising competition and sharpen your knowledge, you must be familiar with all the latest trending web developments. Digital marketing is an extremely competitive space, and as a business owner, you need to evolve to maintain the position constantly. People with an ambition for social media manager, influencers, or content creators do a digital marketing course. They go through all sorts of java assignment help and prepare them for a better future. 

If you don’t, your competitors might take over your position. At present, several website development trends are revolutionizing in 2021, which you must have familiarity with.

 Experienced web developers are working in continuously evolving environments, and thus it is pivotal to be aware of the major trends and technologies surrounding it.

Here are all the latest trends that will maximize your opportunities:

1. Voice Search Optimization

In the year 2021, Voice Search Optimization is one of the leading web development trends. As per the demands and supply, technologies have witnessed a considerable spike. People all over the market are talking about Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa from Amazon. Understanding its impact on the users, more and more apps in future will incorporate this feature.

By the end of 2022, 55% of the household globally are forecasted to have voice assistant. Voice search technologies utilize voice commands to get access to mobile applications, websites or the internet. It ensures user satisfaction and expands your website boundaries. It saves time and optimizes simplicity for the websites. Voice search technology is a major web development trend, and it will dominate 2021.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is another good website development trend that is gaining popularity in 2021. AI continues to formulate information that is relevant to the searches. Incorporating the AI technology in the website will help you with understanding the specific interests of the consumers. The use of catboats is a significant part of website development.


 AI assistants and Bots are capable of collecting data, learning and solving all issues of users. They are crucial for businesses because human beings can’t maintain continuous engagement 24/7 with customers. It will save a ton of money spent on customer care agents and managers.

They are already showing a major transformation on how business interacts with their customers.

3. Automation testing

For a successful web development company, one needs to be aware of the advancement of automation testing. It uses automated testing tools for completing a test case suite. As a web development solution, it offers a lot of benefits. Besides promoting transparency, it also leads to better testing coverage. The best part is automation testing will help in detecting all sorts of tech problems. It does not only create a better user experience but also makes the development process cheaper.

4. Accelerated mobile pages

Accelerated mobile pages work wonders with ensuring the website work without glitches, and it loads quickly on mobile devices. They come with simple designs and uncomplicated features to lower the chances of users leaving the pages. Its mobile-friendly feature makes it convenient for users to read. The new web development trend is picking up quickly, and it is giving a better user experience.  

Users with any internet speed will be able to get access to the internet. This way, even the smaller companies will be able to compete with larger ones.

5. Progressive web apps

As per the recent research, mobile users are replacing other devices like tablets or desktops. This is a great invention that allows general internet users and online shoppers to enjoy the website without downloading any special app or program. It has been found that 67% of shoppers find it more reliable to buy from a website when it is compatible with mobile devices. The particular web development invention will be appealing for even the companies that come with limited resources. It is gaining popularity since users can now easily access content offline by sending push notification to people’s devices.

Here is a list of well-known companies that have built progressive web apps:

§ Virgin America

§ Alibaba

§ Forbes

§ The Washington Post

§ Twitter

It gives a mobile app feeling to the website. Here are a few perks of it:

§ Offline browsing history

§ Safe to use

§ Cheaper than android/ios apps

§ Highly likeable

§ Directly adds an icon to the home screen

§ Responsiveness

6. Dark Mode

Dark mode feature is already incorporated by various play store apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. It gives a perfect contrast ratio to other colours. It makes the User interface look catchy, and it also reduces excessive eye strain. It enhances the visibility and also saves the battery life of the phone. It gives a stylish touch to the website and provides the best user experience.

7. Motion UI

The motion design user interface can greatly influence web development. A minimal design coupled with important elements like pop-ups, page header transitions, pull-down menu, scrolling, etc. When motion UI is employed in web development, customer engagement gets improved. You can apply Motion UI to a number of settings like feedback, welcoming users, navigations, system status, notifications, etc.

Top companies like Google, Samsung, Facebook, etc., use motion UI for facilitating clicks, customised hovers and animation.

Wrapping up,

Applying the trends will flourish your business and help to get accounting assignment help. If you are planning on staying at the top of your competitors, you must go through all the modern web development trends. The above web development trends will help you improve the products and help you reach the highest potentials.

AUTHOR BIO: Suhana is a passionate blogger and digital marketing enthusiast. Suhana Williams is one of the most talented assignment experts who also provide physics homework help through Myassignmenthelp. She enjoys the ever-evolving world of digital marketing and loves to share her opinion on every possible update with her audience. When not creating magic with her words, you can find her sky-diving or trekking in the most bizarre locations. 

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