7 Week Seo Set Up

Week 1

Research & Competitor Analysis

  • The primary step is to outline the baseline.
  • wherever will your web site stand on organic ranking at present? 
  • Then analyze your website and your Competitor. 
  • Scan your website for SEO errors. 
  • Fixing these errors can build your web site a lot search engine friendly and build it easier for you to rank for your keywords.
    • Keyword analysis 
    • Determine Your high Competitors
    • Analyze Your Competitors 
    • Social Media and Content Audit 
    • Verify Your Barrier to Entry and Strategy 

Week 2 

 Relevant Keywords Research

After the primary section, 

  • It’s time to begin thinking of your keywords. 
  • You must analyze relevant keywords and so use those results to set up and build your high-quality content.
  • How to notice these keywords? Initially, you must do keyword analysis. To implement the analysis you should:
  •  Define relevant topics which are related to your business
  •  By checking search volumes of keywords and analyze competitors
  •  Rely on your findings and begin coming up with your content

Week 3 

Optimizing On-page issue

  • On-page SEO is the follow of optimizing individual sites so as to rank higher and earn a lot of relevant traffic in search engines. 
  • On-page refers to each the content and hypertext mark-up language ASCII text file of a page that may be optimized, as against off-page SEO that refers to links and alternative external signals.
  • On-page SEO (also called “on-site SEO”) is the following of optimizing website content for search engines and users. Common on-page SEO practices embody optimizing title tags, content, internal links and URLs.
    • Title Tag  
    • Meta Description   
    • Internal Links       
    • Header Tags 
    • Image Name & ALT Tags 

Week 4 

 Link Profile and Developing the Domain Authority

Links matter! Take advantage of the links that may race you higher in Google searches. The most valuable links are so-called inbound links (or backlinks), which means that some other website that has high authority uses your webpage links in their content and website.

How do links affect search engine visibility?

High authority sites are reliable, popular, and they rank high in search engines. When these kinds of sites use your page links, it will also increase your authority and ranking in Google.

In other words, Inbound links are like ”votes” which have a real impact on your domain authority. This is definitely a rising trend.

It is also recommended to link to different parts within one website since this can increase the dwell time and improve the user experience by offering relevant related content and engaging CTAs.

Week 5

Advance Content Marketing: Content is king

It’s a reality, however it’s still true. Though succeeding at SEO involves several factors, content is that key and has the most important influence on organic ranking.

Creating quality content is that the most significant factor you’ll be able to do to optimize your website’s look in organic search results.

Defining the relevant keywords is that the opening in making a pursuit engine optimized website content. By victimization the keywords and building your themes around them can produce content that provides answers to Google searches.

Week 6

 Analysis Traffic

You can’t scale your marketing until you know what’s working and what’s not. By getting your tracking all set up correctly you’ll be able to see the traffic sources, content, and keywords that are driving revenue.

Week 7

Brand Visibility & Get Social Shares

We all apprehend that link-building could be a crucial component that contains a nice impact on website authority. Even while not an on the spot influence on SEO, a decent social media strategy will increase your overall complete visibility. It helps customers perceive what price your complete provides and the way it caters to your target market’s wants, at the same time redirecting users to your web site and increasing referral traffic. a decent social media selling strategy helps you earn organic links. Organically attained links or natural links directly improve the name of an internet site and wherever it ranks on Google and alternative search engines.

Time to finish off

SEO is long term work which provides the most effective results once taken care of on a daily basis. although it needs work, it always pays off, since most of the web site traffic comes from organic search.

If handling the total SEO package appears an excessive amount of at just the once, begin from shaping the keywords. Also, investment in quality content takes you an extended approach.

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