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Very often while eating, one gets worried about the intake of extra calories. But, our best diet plan for weight loss is sure to make you free of all these worries while you are satiating different delicacies. This list not only lets you maintain a healthy weight but also caters to your love for food. So, here is a list of 8 super exciting weight loss friendly foods:

Best diet food to get rid of the extra weight

  1. Black Coffee

Boasting of ample health benefits, black coffee is the most preferred diet beverage. This wonder drink can be made with the super easy black coffee recipe. All you need to do is simply add the coffee powder and sugar to the boiling water. So, add this versatile and caffeine fulfilling drink to your diet chart and reap the benefits with this quick black coffee recipe

  1. Veg Clear Soup

Are you looking for something spicy during your dieting days, then this veg clear soup recipe is surely one of the most flavoursome diet food. Enriched with the blessings of healthy and green vegetables like carrot, cauliflower, beans, and more, the vegetable soup is a real delight. So, treat yourself with this delectable veg clear soup recipe and drool in the spices of garlic, pepper and many more.

  1. Cucumber And Cucumber Chips

As fibres act as the most effective means to get rid of the extra weight, so get hold of cucumber which not only boasts of fibres but also has good water content. You can either eat cucumber in their natural form or make it flavourful in the form of cucumber chips. The baked and crispy texture makes cucumber chips one of the most sought after weight loss friendly foods.

  1. Dark Chocolate

The life of every chocoholic is incomplete without the mouth-watering dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is wrapped with immense blessings that can act as the best diet plan for weight loss. Not only does it satiate the cravings for desserts but also calms down the hunger. This potential of keeping the stomach full for a long time makes dark chocolate a part of all the diet plans.
  1. Poha

Poha is one of the most effective weight loss friendly foods which is also the most popular Indian breakfast. Being rich in fibre and containing very low calories, poha is a food item which is both healthy and tasty. This wholesome delicacy can be topped with bhujia or chutney to further enhance its flavours. So why be sad in your dieting days, when poha lets you satiate your delicious food cravings.

  1. Eggs

Wrapped with the blessings of protein, eggs contain very low calories. For weight loss, one can consume boiled eggs or make it into omlet. Munching eggs with the flavourful sausages satisfies both your appetite and allows you to reap its effective health benefits.

  1. Green Tea

Yet another wonder drink for weight loss is the green tea. Available in a range of options such as the lemongrass green tea, cinnamon green tea, and more, one can easily pick their favourite flavour. The presence of caffeine and catechins helps in increasing the process of fat burning. As this can be made in a super easy manner, green tea is considered as one of the best diet plans for weight loss.

  1. Oats

Reaping of immense health benefits, oats are the go-to food item for all those willing to shed off the extra weight from their body. You can make a number of food items with the magic of oats such as oats upma, oats poha, oats idli and many more. To make your diet plan even more exciting, savour the sweet flavours of the oats fruit smoothie and at the same time get rid of the calories.

So, try these best diet plan for weight loss to maintain a healthy weight and binge food without any guilt.


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