9 Ayurvedic Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction treatment according to ayurvedic concepts covers body and mind. The relaxation of tense body parts and calmness the treatment brings to mind helps a man to overcome the erection issue.

Erectile dysfunction definition in ayurveda means that man has the desire, but could not get the erection because of looseness in the male organ. The best side of the erectile dysfunction is that it can be cured with diet modifications, medications or non medication methods.  It is not a permanent condition, and one can get the treatment as it has definitive causes. Ayurvedic treatment cures the underlying causes to enable the man to get an erection and sustain it without any difficulty.

Ayurvedic remedies for erectile dysfunction


Ayurvedic treatment is through herbs, herbal based products and diet modifications. A healthy diet is an integral part of the ayurvedic treatment. The diet is suggested to restore the balance in the body so that digestion, metabolism and control over fluids are regained. The Ayurveda system believes that it is disturbance in the balance in the body that leads to various medical and emotional conditions including erectile dysfunction.

The best thing about ayurvedic treatment is individual plans are created to suit the temperament, and body needs. The one plan for all systems is not used in the system. The diet plan includes vegetables, nuts and dry fruits and spices. Garlic, onions, figs, almond, honey, ginger, palms, dairy products and saffron milk is suggested to males to deal with physical weakness. How to prepare and eat is a special part of the ayurvedic treatment.


The herb is used as a main herb for curing erectile dysfunction. It improves sperm quality, relaxes tense body parts, increases potency, and boosts immunity. Along with these benefits, the herb restores hormonal balance, enhances energy, removes toxins from the body and improves mental health. The combined effect is an overall improvement in the erection process.


Shilajit is another powerful herb suggested to males with various physical weaknesses including erectile difficulties. It contains many potent ingredients like amino acid, vitamins, essential oils, and other such micro and macro elements. The herb has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, it activates brain function and nerves, which play an important role in the erection process.  Shilajit also restores general health weakness and enhances the energy flow in the body to help the user gain a normal erection.

Asparagus Racemosus

Ayurveda experts believe that this single herb cures hundred conditions.  It improves blood circulation in the body to cure erection related issue .Inadequate blood circulation is the basic problem at the cellular level causing erectile dysfunction. By increasing blood circulation, the herb performs the same function which Levitra 40mg a higher dose does to overcome erection issues.

White musli – chlorophytum borivilianum

White musli has helped countless seniors to regain their erection health. The herb comes in powder form which is recommended to increase sperm count. The potent herb also helps in production of testosterone by reducing stress linked immune disorder which produces corticosterone, to inhibit testosterone production.

Holy basil seeds

Some experts recommend seeds of the plant to push blood circulation and strengthen the penile tissues. The males with low libido and low stamina are the common victims of erectile dysfunction. Regular consumption of the seeds of the plant treats loss of libido to improve erection.

 Cinnamon cassia

Essential oil of cinnamon cassia relaxes the erectile tissues and pushes blood flow towards the pelvic area. The cinnamon type herb is extracted from a tree that is exclusive to India. The herb also lowers blood pressure and helps males treat various kidney conditions. Since higher blood pressure is a cause behind erectile dysfunction by treating hypertension, it improves erection health.

Yoga poses to target specific area

Along with herbs, ayurvedic treatment consists of yoga poses to cure the problem permanently. Yoga poses for erectile dysfunction make penile nerves strong, increase blood flow, increase flexibility and endurance. Regular yoga reduces the need for a higher dose Sildenafil citrate 150mg by improves blood circulation in the body. Bridge pose, cobra pose, sun salutations, pelvic exercise are considered effective in curing erection difficulties as blood circulation increases naturally without medicines.

Ayurvedic massage

Ayurvedic massage is different from other massages, as it stimulates the muscles underneath the skin. Massage by herbal oils relaxes tense body parts, removes toxins from the body, stimulates blood circulation, and calms the mind. It increases mind and body connection to enhance the coordination of mind and body in the erection system. The massage is tailored according to the specific individual cause and need. The relaxing and soothing ambience removes emotional and psychological barriers. Males with underlying causes such as stress, tension, depression, general body fatigue, etc get boost in energy levels through ayurvedic massages.


Ayurvedic treatment methods are the only methods that cure and rejuvenate at the same time. The lasting impact on body and mind is seen with regular intake of herbs and incorporating the recommended lifestyle modifications. You will feel more energy, stamina and endurance for daily tasks.

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