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Advantages and disadvantages of social networks in digital marketing

The best organic positioning strategy on the internet is through SEO, but the resources necessary to achieve the objectives in a sustained way are high. That is why it is important to use other plans that help in the organic presence online.


1. Improve SEO

In the same way that each incoming link to your site is a “point” for Google, every time someone shares content generated by you, they are giving you “points” to improve the positioning of that content and therefore the support that it houses and yourself.


The more people who show that they like your content, the more likely Google and company will like your content to appear on search results pages.


As in any activity, it is necessary to design a strategy, defining what you want to achieve, with what means and what target audience we are going to address.

2. Helps establish personal relationships

With an active presence in social networks, long and friendly conversations are created with your contacts


These contacts in many cases will become relevant people in your sphere of influence, which will allow you to meet their own contacts and trusted people, which leads to a greater reach in the dissemination of your messages, as well as a greater response (measured in comments and in new conversations).


Talking one to one makes it easier for you to offer personalized service and build trust with the other party.

3. Social content can be reused and redistributed

Belonging and participating in various social media groups is relatively simple, so you can take your content with you and reuse it, adapting it in each group to its objective and the people who use it.


It is not the same text that is used for the Twitter and Facebook messages, but the links to the detailed content are.

It is a way of reducing resources for an active presence on different media, but without resorting to copy/paste.

4. More targeted networks lead to more customers

In the United States, 65% of companies dedicated to B2B have attracted at least one customer through Linkedin, well above Twitter (40%) and Facebook (43%). The best example of this is kissanime website, they target the audience of mostly Japanese and people who like anime games. because they stream online anime.

In the case of B2C, Facebook leads the ranking, with 77% of companies that have attracted customers through the social network *.

5. Provide content generated by your own contacts

Generation “Y”, the largest consumer group in history, bases much of their purchase decision on the recommendations of other people (user content). In most cases, before deciding to buy products or contract services, the first thing to do is check what those who have already bought or hired previously think.


1. Doesn’t work without content

The content creation and dissemination strategy are basic. Articles, videos, memes, infographics, comments.

The big goal is to get people to your sites, but for this, you have to provoke that desire by promising good content.

That good content is generated through experience, imagination, knowledge, and above all with TIME.

2. Success is only achieved in the long term

The growth is palpable if the content is generated constantly. We talk for several months to get followers, readers, subscribers, friends, and new people to talk to.

3. Content expires fast

In social networks, everything goes very fast and a tweet announcing a new and wonderful article is quickly lost in the timeline of your followers. The same happens on the Facebook wall and in the messages of groups on Linkedin.


Updates from social networks, as a fact of their natural functioning, cause a rapid expiration of the content.

4. Intensive monitoring is necessary

For each profile it is necessary to be vigilant, to detect mentions, new comments, questions, … there are tools to control these social reactions, but it is hard work to attend to each of them on a daily basis.

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