Amazon Appeal Letter – Tips to Protect Your Account

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While the fees involved with selling via Amazon can be pretty steep, the sheer amount of site visitors combined with Amazon’s conversion and shipping techniques make it an incredibly lucrative sales channel for businesses.


Unfortunately, there is one caveat:


To sell on this marketplace and benefit from these extra sales you, of course, need to adhere to some very specific and strict guidelines.


Amazon is incredibly strict about these rules and has no qualms whatsoever about suspended your account for what may seem to you like the tiniest of violations!


It gets worse:

Some of these suspensions are completely automatic based on previously defined triggers.

Even if some of these triggers are set off mistakenly, getting your account up and running can take some time.


For many sellers in this situation, there is a lot of revenue on the line, which can make it easy for emotions to take control and cause us to write an angry email blaming Amazon instead of taking responsibility for the issue at hand.

This is the last thing you want to do and can lead to Amazon not even bothering to look into the situation properly.


Luckily, we do have a solution for you:


While every suspension is different and there are no guarantees, there are a few pointers we’ve picked up in our years working with a variety of Amazon partners.

If you’re currently dealing with an Amazon seller suspension yourself, worry not, because we’ve assembled everything you need to know right here, and following these steps is the quickest possible way to get your account up and running again.


Let’s look at the first things first:


This is the first step but the most important because if you miss any details, your appeal will seem to Amazon to be irrelevant to the issue and more than likely be ignored.


Amazon does provide notes on why your account or product has been suspended in the original suspension message but they are typically very vague and technical, often giving a reason such as “Seller Policy Violation” without any hints as to which policy has actually been broken– something that’s very frustrating when you believe you have done everything correctly and have no idea what the issue is yourself.


A good idea at this stage is to look through everything in your Seller Central account to see if anything has been flagged up without you realizing it.


There have even been cases of sellers being suspended because a product in their account that had been inactive for a long time was technically breaking some policies, even though the product wasn’t live, they had no intentions of selling it ever again and likely forgot it was even there.


Below are some of the most common reasons for an Amazon account suspension:


Seller Performance Issues


Be sure to read up on Amazon’s seller performance guidelines.


Even if your account is currently up and running just fine, this is all stuff you want to know like the back of your hand to prevent any issues.


Performance issues Amazon can suspend your account for include:


  • Consistent negative reviews
  • Regular late deliveries
  • Too many canceled orders

So be sure to keep your business running like clockwork and take action on any negative reviews at the earliest possible stage.


You can keep track of how you’re doing with this by going to the Account Health summary, but Amazon does publish these minimum targets that you need to do everything in your power to stay within:


Going above one of these targets puts you at high risk of suspension and going above more than one means you can definitely say goodbye to your account.


Luckily, these guidelines are based on Amazon’s data of what a good seller should be able to achieve.


This means if you put the effort in to perform within them as well as you can, issues you can’t avoid such as delivery issues on the courier’s behalf won’t happen often enough to lead to a suspension alone.


If you are a little sloppy with it though, and regularly dispatch orders a day or two late, this will keep your average down and mean one or two of those unavoidable issues could be all it takes to bring your account down.


As mentioned above, the breaking of policies or agreements is one of the most common causes of suspension and is easy to do by mistake.


This is why you should get as familiar as possible with all of the policies before you even sell anything, and keep checking back every now and then to make sure none have changed and to refresh your memory.


This also includes checking your account every now and then for any flags and making sure your product details are all within the rules.


After all:


The more acquainted you are with the rules, the easier it is to understand how Amazon-like things to be done and to stay within them.


If something does happen, detailed knowledge of the rules will also make your appeal more effective and signal to Amazon that you are absolutely willing to work within their policies, which can only be a good sign.

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