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Are you planning to take a trip to the enamoring United Kingdom and are not sure where to spend your limited number of days there, without wasting it? If the answer is in affirmation, this is the post for you. This article contains a compressive list of all the Beaches in the UK, their cultural and historical importance and why should one visit them.

One of the most influential countries globally, the United Kingdom is famous for a plethora of reasons. From the vibrant cultural history of colonization to the royal family and international politics, the country has a lot of soft power to be proud of. This kingdom of states, however, has much more to offer than just political assertiveness. The country is bustling with beautiful landscapes, including its serene beach destinations.

We know the United Kingdom is not the most famous for its Beaches, but you will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised by how many and how nice they are. Let’s not waste any time further and get into this list of the UK’s best beaches.


  1. Camber Sands, Sussex

The Camber Sands is a vast stretch of golden sand scattered around the Sussex region of the country. The Landscape looks familiar to an Arabian city and has been an exotic shooting location for many Hollywood films like Cleopatra and Prince of Lawrence.

The Sands are about four miles in diameter and enclosed by Rye’s city on the western end, a town booming with affordable and hip clubs, eateries, and motels. In contrast, the eastern end is the iconic beach popular amongst families and older people.


  1. Holkham Beach in Norfolk

Holkham Beach at the edge of the country is considered the most beautiful beach in the United Kingdom. Some say the beauty comes mainly from its serene environment and lot of population density. This peace is possible because of the beach’s remote location, making it difficult for tourists to come here.

You have to cross a Verdant National reserve, consisting of enormous trekking trails along the woods. All these trails lead to this magnificent water body.


  1. Woolacombe Sands in Devon

The Woolacombe Sands and beach is the most Family-friendly beach in the UK. If you ever plan on going to this magnificent beach full of thrills, make sure to grab a wine from the nearby bougie shops or maybe something even to eat as well. 

Owing to its tourist potential, Many Airlines provide affordable deals to this beach in their packages. You can make Alaska airlines reservations at this place to get better deals at low cuts.



Despite its name, Blackpool sands in South Devon are made up of the tiniest fine pebbles, making the beach a perfect and peaceful reflection. Rightfully voted as one of the cleanest beaches in the UK, it is a very accessible location with just a tiny pine woods trail to trek.

The beach has several pubs and bars, serving tasty food and exceptional beverages perfect for a sultry summer evening with your family and partner with a nice wind blowing in your hair.



The river Blyth opens its mouth up and dissolves in the Walberswick beach in Suffolk. The beach, despite its name, is a very serene and peaceful place allowing its visitors to be wild and free.

The beach is backed by a small picture-perfect village, famous for its pubs, the crabbing tradition, and an active nightlife. Home to many well-known personalities, this place is trendy amongst Airlines providing flight booking and discounted offers. Making a Lufthansa booking to Suffolk will save you a lot of travel and exploration cost.

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