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Jeremy, just out of senior high, has loads of plans for the summer. He had planned to take a gap year, but his sports scholarship chances ensured he got a lot of options on picking a college. While Jeremy moves like a dream on the field with the ball in hand, he is not entirely confident about his writing skills. He decides to buy his college essay online from expert essay writers, and turns in the application without a second look. To his dismay, none of the colleges deems him fit for selection.

Buying college admission essays may seem like a wise move. But unless you are absolutely sure about the website and the quality of work they produce, you should reconsider your decision. Writing college essays to perfection requires a separate set of skills. This post will tell you about the things to watch out for in your college application essay that make it stellar.

· A killer introduction

The introduction of your college application essay must have all the elements to make it stunning. From funny anecdotes to quotes from your favourite author, the introduction can have it all. Be careful to ensure that it contains your academic intent in pursuing the course of your choice as well.

· All about your academics

The second section of the college essay must have a detailed description of your interest in the course. See if it includes what made you take it up in the first place. The essay must explain why you choose to pursue it, and what you expect from it. A hint at how you believe it can contribute to your academic growth will be even more welcome.

· A look into your hobbies and interests

Make sure the essay tells about you as a person, and not as someone who simply adhered to the traditional curriculum all the time. It should talk about your interests, hobbies, and other activities outside of academia as well. Since most colleges look for diversity in new admissions, make sure you put yourself up there.

· A captivating conclusion

The conclusive section of the essay must include what you want to achieve in the future. It should also mention the contributions of the course and the institution in helping you achieve that goal. Finally, it must show that you are keen (but not overeager) to join the course.

· Zero grammatical mistakes

This one is a no-brainer, of course. Revise the completed essay solution multiple times to check for factual, grammatical, punctuation, and structural errors. Ensure that you turn in a completely error-free essay to increase your chances at securing a callback for interviews for more help you may use essay typer tool.

If you want to have a shot at being selected for your dream institution, you must work hard on that college essay. But if you are getting someone else to do it for you, then make sure your essay has all of the points discussed above. Impress the admissions panel with your college application essay, and put your best foot forward in college admissions this year.


Buying essays online is always a smart choice if you are unsure of your writing skills. However, you need to be cautious when doing so. Not every essay can guarantee you a spot at your dream institution. This post thus highlights the essential elements that make a good essay great.

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