Cost of MBBS In Russia – The Factors Affecting It

Cost of MBBS In Russia – The Factors Affecting It post thumbnail image

The cost of MBBS in Russia varies with time due to the wide range of medical courses available. The prices of MBBS have been kept low to attract students from all across the country, even if they live abroad. You can also study abroad in Russia at a fraction of the cost of an MBBS degree in India or the West. Before you decide to pursue your career in Russia, it is important to know about the entire situation of the market. This will help you know whether you are getting the best salary for your efforts.

The cost of MBBS in Russia ranges between eighty thousand dollars to one hundred forty thousand rubles. The MBBS admission process is a difficult one but the rewards are worth it. The number of institutes offering MBBS courses in Russia has increased a great deal in recent years. It is harder to get admission to an elite institute in Russia compared to the west. However, there are many lucrative courses offered by reputed educational institutions in Russia, which can greatly enhance your career prospects.

Entrance fees consist of a fixed amount for every course which is inclusive of fee structure, tenure, faculty and other academic benefits. The cost of MBBS in Russia varies with the competition. There are many institutes that offer the same level courses in six years. They may differ slightly in terms of their faculty, placement facilities, student-teacher ratio, class sizes and other academic aspects. Therefore, the extent of competition can greatly affect the cost of MBBS.

Many institutes in Russia have a flexible fee structure for their students who are eligible for study MBBS in Russia. Some colleges may have a combined English and Russian program, which would make the cost of study jobs in Russia very less when you consider all the costs of accommodation, transport, and other factors involved. Tuition fee structures also differ with each institute. The rates may include a single payment for all students or a fee structure for students.

Another factor affecting the cost of studying MBBS in Russia is the cost of living expenses. Russian people have full-time jobs and earn handsome salaries, which makes studying more expensive. Living expenses are one such factor. The distance between towns and cities may be very vast, thus leading to high living expenses.

The cost of MBBS is significantly less as compared to the cost of studying in full-time universities in the UK and Australia. Many institutes in Russia also provide financial aid for students who have family income. The decision to go for an MBBS course in Russia depends on your personal choice. Some students get help from scholarships offered by universities in their country. Some students get financial assistance by getting sponsorships from countries like Australia and the US.


Students who get an MBBS in Russia need to get ready for a lot of factors. A student needs to meet some very strict criteria before he gets admission to study MBBS in Russia. Eligibility criteria required by most of the top universities in the UK and Australia include good grades in subjects such as GMAT, TOEFL, and academic performance. Some other requirements may include good scores in any subject in a particular university. If you have not done well in any subject in your school then you should not worry as the number of universities offering MBBS courses in Russia is small KCRCONSULTANTS


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