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Couple Counselling the Increasing Trend

The relationship of a husband and wife has gone a dramatic change with the change in the social scene. With the changing world, the relationships have become more casual and lost the charm as it used to be. The increasing stress, competition to reach the top, less attention on each other and increasing workload are one of the major factors that create turmoil in the smooth life of the couples.


The changing scenarios have also altered the trends in marriage. The existing trends show the impact of the society and lifestyle that one is adopting. The ongoing trends are the true reflection of the society you are living in. Let’s have a look at the current marriage trends.


The decreasing rate in marriages


The number of people entering the sacred institution of marriage is decreasing. People are seeking other alternatives other than marriage. With live-in-relationship being legalized couples do not want to get bound in a relationship. The adjustment quotient and emotional quotient has gone really down making it hollow and fake. They give more importance to their freedom and ego and do not care much about nourishing the relationship with love and respect that was once the very foundation of the sacred institution of marriage. All these have led to the decreasing number of marriages in the society.


Divorce rates are increasing


Divorce rates have increased with the changing times as the relationships have become unstable.  Though the women and men have become independent and more liberal in their thought process, it has certainly made them insensitive towards each other and more self-centred. The emotional connectivity has seen a declining trend that has made the relationships fragile leading to increasing divorce rates. The increasing divorce rates have definitely shaken the trust of the people in marriage and that makes it harder for them to get committed.


Fewer children in marriages


Contrary to the past trends there are fewer children in marriage and sometimes couples don’t even prefer to have children. With the increasing cost of living and prioritizing career the couples opting for fewer children or sometimes they do not want to take the responsibility of a child. A child is a binding factor between the couple and this can be one of the reasons for commotion in marriage.




Couple counselling on rising


To enjoy a steady and happy relationship, couple counselling online has seen an upward trend. With physical, psychological, and emotional changes that come over the period of time, it is necessary to accommodate and get adapted to the changes with the passing of time. Thus, couple counselling or marriage counselling has been increasing to deal with relationship issues and to understand the needs of your partner in a better manner.


Importance of couple counselling


It is very important to make connections while you are in a relationship. It is imperative to get committed to each other and understand each other’s feelings to be in a stable relationship. For millennials and the people of the current generation, anger management therapy online or relationship therapy is a part of the self-care regime. Communication is the key to a happy married life. So while communicating with the therapist the couple vents out their anger and frustration as they know the therapist will guide them through their issues while being non-judgemental.


The therapist listens about each and every aspect of the issue and after comprehending it he guides a couple of the best ways that can help them resolve their issues. The couple gets to understand the nitty-gritty of their relationship and start working on it in a positive manner.


To let go of the animosity between two people in a relationship it is very crucial to give space and time to each other. To be empathetic towards each other makes you comprehend the pain the other is going through and that does not let the alien-like divorce to destroy the marriage.


The relationship counselling is not only good for the troubled couples but also for the couples who are about to enter the institution of marriage thus it plays a major role in reducing the post-marital stress. Even if you think you are capable of resolving your issue personally, reaching out to a marriage counsellor is still a better resolution as he knows how to professionally tackle the sensitive issue. Sometimes it is the individual issues that ruin the things for the couple and they do not have any problem in their marriage and that can only be understood with the help of the psychologist.


In a country like India where the people come with a close mind thinking that it’s all over between them, they do not realize the power of online counselling and the magic it can do to your relationship. It also depends a lot on the depth of the problem and the mental stress an individual is going through.

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