Cyberthum Bhutani Noida project turns the mega-project into a megacity

Cyberthum Bhutani Noida project turns the mega-project into a megacity post thumbnail image

These tallest commercial towers – fifty stories iconic towers by Cyberthum Bhutani Noida with attractive elevation and visibility from a distance – is going to flourish within a shorter time as the tallest and largest commercial towers cum business point in North India.

The project is also fully equipped with the purest water, electric power, easy tunnel for easy access, full-proof security system, easy cleaning, space for garden and lawns, kids zone for fun and game, etc. apart from these, there is a special provision to store the rainwater to prevent the scarcity of water in the dry season.

If you are interested to find a dream business point to get over there just check the Cyberthum Price List on the official web page here. Before going into detail, know the basic features and points about the project here beneath.

Why this project is going high-demanding to date?

Locational advantages are the first important to come by that changes itself the geographical interface and the eco-socio development as well as the overall, the total and complete development in the nearby surrounding society.

It can help to spread the urbanization in nearing greater Noida and so. It is another invitation of foreign investment to come in – in form of IT-sectors, HUB/SEZ, along with the multinational electronic factories, and the motor car factories as well.

Therefore, it is one of the best dream projects rather say the exotic and iconic luxurious project of the authority of Cyberthum Noida, you know.

Excellent connectivity –

•             Surface the transport system is located at two expressways – Noida Expressway & FNG) with national highways and Noida expressway (ten minutes)

•             Metro station to five minutes,

•             Wave city center to half an hour,

•             Maha Maya Flyover within ten minutes to go

•             IGI airport and Jewar International Airport (upcoming) is 45 minutes and more or less 25 minutes to connect on-road respectively.

•             More to go, on the top of the twin tower rooftop there is the special provision allotted for the helipad for the nation and international connection on air.

Miscellaneous purposeful slots for variable usage –

Lots of attractive features relating to the modern-day’s the facility provide automatically to match the needs, and demands of the day by Bhutani Cyberthum –

•             The Luxurious office room and suit, and the Retail shop, • GYM, and Restaurant, and relating dining space,

•             The largest musical fountains along with the theatre hall for entertainment,

•             Shopping place at the top of the building with local, national, and international products for trading

The additional facility within the campus –

•             Parking pace for 10,000 cars — hydraulic parking slots inside the campus, inside the basement

•             Emergency tunnels for easy access and emergency exit,

•             Kids zone, fun zone, garden and lawns of loitering and gaming, etc.

Emergency services –

•             Easy cleaning, easy water sewerage, clean washrooms,

•             The Purest water service at 24×7,

•             No power cut with an emergency power service and

•             Fire station with a full-proof fire extinguisher

•             Security personals and other SOS services relating to the medical service or so There is ample inside place for parking slot (hydraulic parking) — ten thousand cars and vehicles – allotted for the open sky parking area as well as the basement parking areas.

To close, this finest dreaming project by the authority of Cyberthum Bhutani Noida gradually turns this mega project into a megacity in North India in the nearing future as well.

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