Difference Between CSS and CSS3

Difference Between CSS and CSS3

CSS is older version.CSS-3 is Re-creation
CSS isn’t mobile friendly.CSS-3 isn’t mobile friendly.
It has previous and customary colors.It supports RGBA, HSLA, HSL and Gradient Colours.
Does not supported by all new browsersCSS-3 is supports by all new browers.
CSS doesn’t supports media queries.CSS-3 is supports media queries for responsive internet style
Cannot split into varied modules.is simply split into varied modules.



  •  CSS is stands to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • CSS is straightforward mechanism for adding style(e.g., Font, layout, Color, Spacing, etc.) to the net Pages.


  •  Specially wont to webpage planning.
  •  Using CSS2 we won’t style enticing online page, it’s style an easy online page.
  •  It have long-long methodology for planning.


  •  CSS3 is employed to style enticing online page.
  •  We add Some completely different options mistreatment CSS3 as compare to CSS2 like :-
  •  Motion Graphics.
  •  Transition Effects.
  • Visual Effects.

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