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Does Hemp Oil Contain Cbd? Your Question Answered Here

Many people see the phrasing for Hemp Oil and CBD Oil all over the place, especially when they look for it online, but many of these same people also don’t know if Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are actually the same or not. With this article, I am going to answer the question of Does Hemp Oil Contain Cbd? 


1. Hemp Oil Vs. CBD Oil 

Hemp Oil is indeed the same as CBD Oil as they both come from the Cannabis Sativa plant with the only difference in the 2 plants being that Hemp Oil includes all parts of Cannabis Sativa making the oil not legal in all 50 states because of the trace amounts of THC in the oil.

CBD Oil is considered legal in all 50 states because the parts of Cannabis Sativa is only the parts that do not contain any THC in the oil. 

2. The Oil You Will See Most In Local Stores 

You are going to see CBD Oil more in local stores because of the legality between the 2 different oils. 

Hemp Oil can be found in some local stores, but the popularity of CBD Oil has made it more attainable than Hemp Oil at this time, but you can find Hemp Oil online if you look in the right places or look at company pages that make Hemp Oil, but CBD Oil will be much easier to find anywhere compare to Hemp Oil. 

3. I Know This All May Seem Confusing 

I know that even while reading this article that you still might not know exactly what I’m talking about with all this talk, but the main thing to know is that Hemp Oil is not legal in all 50 states and CBD Oil is legal in all 50 states because of the THC that’s contained in the Hemp Oil. 

This is the most important thing that you need to know about the 2 different oils so when you think Does Hemp Oil Contain Cbd the answer is no because of how the 2 different oils are produced. 

Both of these oils are going to give you the same effects when you use them, but you are going to be able to take CBD Oil with you in more places in the United States then you would be with Hemp Oil, but both oils are going to give you the same advantages that will help you with different ailments that you might be having.


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