Easy Ways to check your Provident Fund Balance Instantly

Easy Ways to check your Provident Fund Balance Instantly post thumbnail image

Provident Fund (PF) is an investment mechanism through which an individual can contribute a part of his savings on a monthly basis towards a pension fund. The accumulated wealth/lump sum amount post retirement or end of employment is large enough to take care of your old age needs. Thus, PF is one of the simplest and accessible ways to build a retirement corpus.


Some experts argue that Fixed Deposits (FD) are better than PF due to flexibility of tenures and no upper limits on investment amount. Public Provident Funds have an obligatory lock-in period of 15 years and investment limit of Rs 1,50,000. The FD rate calculator helps you understand your expected returns beforehand. Comprehensive return calculators like Fixed Deposit Return Calculator are unavailable for PF investments.


Provident Funds are maintained by governmental organizations including local bodies. The Provident Fund is compulsory for all private firms having more than 20 employees. The Universal Account Number (UAN) associated with your PF account enables you to easily transfer it across multiple employers in your lifetime. 


You can check your PF balance instantly in the following ways :-


  1. Use EPFO portal

  • Before accessing the portal, ensure that your employer has checked and activated your EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) generated UAN.


  • Login with your credentials – UAN and password.


  • Once you have punched in the correct details, your PF account balance will be displayed on screen.


  • You can directly access login page using below link :-

    • https://passbook.epfindia.gov.in/MemberPassBook/Login

  1. Use mobile messaging services


  • Before accessing EPF balance via SMS, ensure that all KYC (Know-Your-Customer) formalities are completed for your EPF account. You should have submitted an identity proof, address proof and bank account details for KYC verification. 


  • PAN card copy is compulsory while Aadhar card/Passport/Driving license/any other government recognized ID card copy can be provided for identity and address proof. 


  • Once KYC procedure is completed, send an SMS from your registered mobile to 7738299899. 


  • Options in Hindi, English and 8 regional languages are available.


SMS should be sent in following format :-


  • EPFOHO <your UAN> <your preferred language>


  • Once the message is sent and all details are correct, you will receive your EPF balance by SMS


  1. Give Missed call to toll free EPFO authorized number


  • Like stated previously, you cannot use this service without completing KYC verification.


  • Once your UAN is linked to your KYC, give a missed call to toll free number 011-22901406 from the mobile number associated with your EPF account.


  • Once your missed call is registered, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile giving you details of EPF balance.


  • Your employer can complete the KYC process for you if you are unable to do so due to pressing circumstances.


  1. Use Umang app


  • Umang app is a newly launched application by Government of India to facilitate netizens to access various government services through a single platform.


  • Download the Umang app from Google play store and register your phone number and UAN therein. This is a one-time registration process.


  • Once the app verifies all your details, it will display the EPF balance.


  • You can perform a variety of functions through Umang app like accessing EPF passbook, raising claims/complaints, tracking claims/complaints etc.


  1. Use EPFO’s m-sewa app


  • EPFO’s m-sewa app is another application to monitor your EPF accounts.


  • Just like Umang app, this app too is available on the Google Play store.


  • Input your registered mobile number and UAN to complete the one-time registration process.


  • Access your EPF passbook and balances from this app now.

Thus, there are 4 ways to check your Provident Fund Balance instantly. But while you invest in PF, you can look at an equally enticing investment where you do not need to go through so many means to check on your investment. Book an FD with Bajaj Finance at 6.85% for 5 years as a senior citizen and take advantage of online account access and also via app. Also, a high-yielding company FD such as Bajaj Finance FD will give you reasonable returns when the inflation is high. While a PF investment could be getting you negative returns when the inflation is high.

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