Events of HTML

Events of HTML

Introduction to HTML Events

Its in a web pages or a websites, created using the HTML scripts (HyperText Markup Language), every actions performed by the users and the web tools itself is termed as an Events of HTML.The descriptions contain six type of attributes, and they are as windows event attributes, form events attributes, keyboards events attribute, mouse event attributes, media event attributes and clipboard event attributes. Each of these events attribute will have specifics dedicated attribute that are use to fetchs the detail of the HTML Events.

Different Type of HTML Events

There are many events attribute availables in HTML5, which has classified primarily in 6 different type. These are attribute works using JavaScripts language.

  • Window Events Attribute:These are provide for the actions of the window objects. Its work in body tags.
  • Form Events Attribute:If the users perform some actions in the form like inputs data, cancel, submits then these events attribute work.
  • Keyboard Events Attribute: These are keyboard events attribute used for keyboard actions and user interactions.
  • Mouse Events Attribute:Mouse events attribute uses for mouse actions that likes are move, clicks, wheels, etc.
  • Clipboard Events Attribute:These are events attribute use for clipboard actions. Examples cut, copy, pest.
  • Media Events Attribute: These are events attribute work on media file likes video etc.


Html Event is an easy way to takes actions and interfaces between web browser and user. Users can be got the reactions of every actions effortless. For examples; cut and copy for the clipboards, moves and clicks for mouses, buttons for forms. Event is make web application real-time and make smarts work system.

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