Everything That You Need to Know About Tulips

Everything That You Need to Know About Tulips post thumbnail image

The first thought when you look at a tulip is the beautiful long stretch of Dutch lands that are covered by this wonder. But this flower has so much more to offer than its rich Dutch heritage. The tulip is a symbol of grace and delicacy, and its emphasis is on firm beauty. There are literally hundreds of shades of tulip, each remarking a different occasion and emotions. Do not hesitate to read up about the different meanings this beauty offers to mankind and order tulips online if it is not available in your area. They are an excellent gift option due to the diversity and dimension it adds to any given space.

What Tulip Symbolizes?

Tulips are considered extremely worthy in Holland and are prized for their perfect symmetry and a wide variety of colors. Tulips are often given as a gift of love with each hue representing a different emotion of affection. Red represents passion, while yellow means friendship and a cheerful disposition. White is for purity and forgiveness, while orange evokes happiness. Pink tulips are the symbol of caring while purple one is the secret code for hopelessly in love. Tulips are also considered the traditional gift for the eleventh wedding anniversary. You can order a flower bouquet online before stepping out for the anniversary dinner or to get your proposal spot ready to glow. Roses are overdone and gone are the days of carnations and orchids as tulip reign when you want to create a dignified impression.

Variety is the spice of life, and the diversity tulips can offer is actually unmatched. There are over 150 species of the tulip with over 3000 different varieties blooming in every color available in the rainbow spectrum. Celebrated for their unique symmetry, up to four tulips can sprout from the same stem. Just think about beauty!

What adds to the extreme worth and unique charm of tulips is the rarity of its bloom. A flower that blooms only for 7 days in the spring is awaited for a long time. So, think how special it makes the receiver feel when such a rare flower is gifted to them. Next time when you order flowers online, keep in mind how exceptional you want to make someone feel and order the color of the tulip that best signifies your feelings for them.

Tulips were once the most expensive flowers in this world. In the 1600s, one bulb was worth a hundred times the annual wage of Holland’s residents and these bulbs could be exchanged for large quantities of food and livestock. Only the wealthiest could afford tulips. This rick history adds to the dignity and charm of these flowers which are now available at many affordable prices when compared to then.

Tulip petals are edible and used in many premium dishes and recipes, often in exchange for onion due to their unique flavors. But they are mainly used for gifting purposes due to their long life even after getting detached from their roots. Tulips continue to grow in your vase for at least an inch and a half if you cut them and restore them properly. They will always find out the light and twist their position towards the source of warmth and light even after they get uprooted. This is the feature that keeps it alive long after its commercial use.

Gifting a tulip can have multiple positive innuendos of beauty, warmth, longevity, and loyalty. You give people tulips to offer them your blessings and best wishes while you pray for their prosperity. They symbolize grace and rebirth as bulbs rebloom for years after they are planted outdoors. They are considered holy in many cultured including Islam and Nordic cultures.


Tulips are an appropriate gift offering all year round due to their delicacy, elegant beauty, and grace. Order flowers online for your dear ones. They offer you a wide range of coloured tulips you can choose from to keep your feelings for that person while maintaining dignity and respect. The royalty of tulips helps you get that extra brownie point with the person you are gifting them to. Get over common flowers and choose tulips as the language of your elegant love. 

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