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Facts About Custom Website Development or WordPress

Now that you’ve decided it’s time to take your business to a new level by website development (or dressing it up in a new robe), what’s the next question to decide? Developing a new website takes a lot of time, energy, planning and decision preparation. One such decision you need to make is whether you want custom website development or some CMS system like WordPress.

A lot of businesses are voting in favor of WordPress because the system gives them the opportunity to develop a new website for themselves without hiring website development company in Dubai , an external company who is responsible for coding. But surely this is the best solution?

Well, in this article, we’re trying to make another comparison between a custom website development and WordPress. It’s just an experiment because neither solution is perfect. Both camps have supporters and opponents. The point is to first look closely at what your needs are. WordPress is enough for a website of a carpenter’s presentation, but for a dating or real estate site, we would no longer recommend it, it needs more individual development.

Custom Website Development

Custom-developed websites are primarily created when the owner / customer of the website has special ideas and needs that cannot be solved in WordPress.

In many cases, customers of custom-developed websites are large Web Design UAE that need to incorporate complex and unique features. To develop such sites, you need to find the right website development company in Dubai .

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is a free website building tool originally designed for creating blogs. Over the years, the tool has evolved further and become a more complex platform with which we can now create serious websites and online stores. One of the main reasons people choose this platform is that only basic IT skills are required. You don’t have to be an expert in writing code and programming languages ​​or you don’t have to contact a ecommerce website development uae to create a website. In fact, about 30% of today’s sites were created under WordPress and the number of sites continues to grow. Below are the pros and cons of the tool to help you make a decision.

WordPress and Custom Website Development

Many people do not know that there is a transition between the two. When using WordPress basics we can create a custom website. This means creating a custom WordPress template based on a custom layout plan. Here the functions are not built in with plugins but with individual programming. This way it can be as fast as a completely custom website. Of course, this is a budget and it depends on which solution we recommend.

In summary, both a custom web development and WordPress have advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the budget and the requirements which one you should vote for.

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