Formatting and Style of HTML

Formatting are one of the crucial sections of every development system. For making any projects or articles or contents look likes of attractives, readable, and user-intractable, formatting is plays a significant role. Formatting can be define as a the appearance of your documentation or presentation of your HTML code in a meaningful and more beautiful ways. Formatting are mainly done to make the layout attractive.

HTML provides various formatting tag. They are collectively called as formatting tag because they are mean for the purpose mentioned above. So, in this chapter, you will be learn about these formatting tag and how to be use them.

Formatting elements in HTML was mainly created for a displaying texts of a special type of character:
uFor making text underlined.
bFor making the text bold.
StrongUsed in those texts, which are important and need to highlight.
iFor making the text italics.
emFor emphasizing the texts.
markTo make the texts marked or highlighted
smallFor making texts small in size, then the regular texts surrounded.

Style HTML

The HTML styles of attribute is used to add style to an External element such the colors, the fonts,the size, and many more.

Background Color

The CSS background-color property define the background color for the HTML element.

Text Color

The CSS color property define the text color for the elements of HTML .


The CSS font-family property define the font to use for the HTML element.

Text Size

The CSS font-size property define the text size for the HTML elements.

Text Alignment

The CSS text-align property define the horizontal text alignment for the HTML elements.

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