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High speed disperser is designed for intensive high-speed, high shear mixing and dispersion products, as well as most other industries chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic / personal care applications. They are ideal for viscous dispersion. Dispersion may be from desktop size to have a capacity to disperse thousands of gallons of very large-scale industrial production. These mixers in a wide range, as they apply intense shear and shorten mixing difficult to mix fluid circulation needs the ability to apply to the preparation of an emulsion or agglomerated powder is dispersed in a liquid medium. Powder dispersion and dispersion designed to integrate a large number of difficult to wet powder with minimal air entrainment pipeline flow. Today, technological innovation leads to ensure intense powder induction and wetting, dispersing at the same time provide a strong vacuum high discharge capacity.

When using a high-speed disperser, the industry will enjoy many benefits. For example, on-line concentration may be produced in a single process by up to 40% (by weight). Have effectively integrate powder and bulk to save time. These high-speed dispersions up to 90% reduction in the concentration of the dispersion time and one-way powder dispersion. There from batch to batch and with the impact rotor – a significant improvement in the consistency of the dispersion characteristics of the stator mold reproduction processed products eliminate common in other online screen mixer plugging problems

It contains high-tech innovation “ZCS” fruit powder dispersion tool and the reactor head speed dispersion unique design allows a single hydration does not produce a homogeneous powder agglomeration strong shearing before dispersion powders. Almost perfect vacuum is created as a powder dispersion, which allows a single pass with minimal air entrainment to be generated for concentrations up to 25% by weight. Maximize the yield and product waste is reduced or eliminated, because the powder is dispersed by complete hydration.

The main advantage of the famous high-speed dispersion comprises:

Dramatic and dough batches to save time

Other conventional dispersion techniques to eliminate the above process together

Reserved shear sensitive products, which also led to savings of rheological properties of the powder component

The pre-heating the powder dispersing aids are dispersed in aqueous phase and a semi-polar solvent is no longer required.

In order to keep up with modern mass production and consumption, the pace of medicine, manufacturing and industrial products, the company needs to accelerate the development of technology to meet the demand. The processing industry, hybrid technology solutions and experiences we must have both the mixing process innovation “art” in the arts and sciences. Speed dispersion machine is an essential tool dispersed product include pharmaceuticals, paints, chemicals, inks, adhesives, and more all companies adopted. Products and the corresponding fine particle size provide excellent performance in the overall process optimization is advantageous. It makes good business sense, the use of the latest innovations in the dispersion.

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