How Animation Is Getting Popular Day By Day In 2021

How Animation Is Getting Popular Day By Day In 2021 post thumbnail image

It is not at all a surprise that technology has spread its wings on almost everything that we can lay our finger on. It has been helping us in so many things and allowing us to live our lives to the fullest. Each day there is something new discovered and this is subsequently for our own good. One can not talk about the latest technologies without mentioning animation. What is animation? It is a process in which multiple pictures are set in motion that gives us the illusion of the video.

This technique has been used in a lot of cartoons as well. In traditional times all the pictures were drawn by hand which took a lot of time to compose but as this technology evolved it endured a great way of making animations in the current times. There are two main types of animations that are used nowadays. 3D animation and 2D animation. Although 2D animation is not being used that much nowadays it is still very helpful for making the videos in two dimensions. A good 2D animation agency can help you make an amazing animated video just the way you need it.

This Age Belongs To 3D Animation

3D animation has been doing wonders for us. The effect and the detail that it offers is just exceptional. 3D animation is a process in which the different objects and characters are moved and rotated like real-world objects. This gives a sense of reality to the user and he sticks to the video to see it all happen. 3D animation is the peak of animation in these times. This is used in TV shows, movies, cartoons, and games. This makes everything about it so addictive. Do you remember the movie Avatar and why it was so popular? It is because it was the first-ever movie made in 3D. 

After the success and fame that Avatar received all the directors adopted the idea of adding 3D animations in their movies and this worked perfectly for them. So why is 3D animation so popular? Get it this way, have you ever held a tennis ball in your hand and threw it on the wall to catch it back? The two important things would have happened. The moment when the ball hit the wall it would have been squashed a little and when you catch it again your hands would feel a little jerk. These are the little things that 3D animation includes.

People are very much surprised about the little details that a 3D animation focuses on. So many movies are now getting fame just because they are being made 3D. The Audience just loves them if it is made with extra attention to detail.

A Life Of A 3D Animator

It is not to our surprise that a 3D animator has got an important position in the company. He has a lot on his plate as nowadays the demand for 3D animation based projects is increasing rapidly. A lot of people think that being a 3D animator is easy but that is not at all true. A 3D animator is very sharp and dedicated to his work. They often have a position of multimedia artist and they have a whole team under them working which can include junior 3D animators, 2D animators, and graphic designers. 

A good 3D animator has to be a good artist as well. Furthermore, he has to get his ideas from any particular source. It is vital to get a source of ideas from a place. A lot of 3D animators read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies to get their ideas because this helps them in their job. As a 3D animator, you should be patient as learning things can take time but once you get the required skill you can get things done quite easily.

A Great Way To Tell Stories

If you are a good storyteller and lack at finding the best platform to tell your story then you should clearly consider telling them through a 3D animated video. Nowadays a lot of people prefer watching a video more than reading anything. Also, the human brain is more attractive to visual content. Furthermore, watching a 10-minute video provides more information than reading something for straight 10 minutes. It is a great forum to tell your stories out there with guaranteed results.



The demand for 3D and 2D animations are increasing with the pace of the day. 3D and 2D animation agency always makes sure to provide their customers with the best services. Also, for marketing strategies, a 3D animated video can do wonders. There are a lot of businesses online that use a 3D animated video as a tool by which they can target their target audience to get more engagement.


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