How many references do I need for a 10,000-word dissertation?

How many references do I need for a 10,000-word dissertation? post thumbnail image

A dissertation is a comprehensive piece of writing demanding deep and thorough research and extensive reading as compared to typical essays and articles. The writing process takes you on a journey to take on a topic that intrigues you while sanctioning you to exhibit and unfold certain skills that are held in high regards and recognized by both prospective employers and university admission management systems.

A good dissertation comprises many components requiring customary ordering and authentic references to back the writing with credible and bona fide references to steer clear of plagues such as plagiarism. Not only that, but this will also convey to the audience members that you have attentively reviewed the abstracts relating to your subject and that you are making an effort to give something novel to the academic realm. Given the amount of precision required in this regard, a majority of students turn towards dissertation help from Dissertation Proposal Writing Service sometimes.

Typically, there is no curb on the number of references that one can add in there as it is dependent on the literature accessible on the topic. However, there are a few elements to keep in mind while adding credentials to your work.

Key factors influencing the sum total of references you use in your dissertation:


1.     Work purpose and subject matter.

Firstly, the amount of references used in a dissertation circle around the subject and purpose of the dissertation.

All the published content you will find and utilize as a resource and reference for your work depends on the previous studies based on it. For instance, if you are to work on existing literature and systematic reviews, finding references would be far more comprehensive. Whereas, if your prime emphasis is on current authors and affairs, it would relatively be more likely of you to discover that there aren’t many papers to cite from.


2.     Institution requirements.

Whilst collecting references for the dissertation, it is also essential for the students to keep in regards the prerequisites of the institution. That’s because at times the department may set up some limitations relating to the use of references. When opposed to a similar situation, follow up on the guidelines specified by your department.

3.     The paper’s length carries a weight while selecting the number of references.

The amount of resources you are to incorporate in your content is correlated with its length. For instance, the number of references used in content comprising of 15,000 words would be lesser than those used in a 20,000 words dissertation.



However, you must keep in regards not to miss out on any research study or research paper covering your field of study. You also need to counter-check and authenticate your references back to your thesis in order to state the importance and requirements of your focal point. And lastly, the essential materials that will help with dissertation writing are journals, research papers and, articles produced formerly that cover all areas of your assigned topic abundantly. All the above-stated factors should be enough to give you a fair idea of your reference-addition queries.

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