How much do you know about rain water?

Rain water safe to drink?

This is a very nice question to ask, by the way, what is rainwater?


Rainwater is a type of water from the sky, it is the purest and safest water to drink, however due to the pollution of this water it might be very dangerous and unhealthy to drink, some research shows a number of disease outbreaks due to rainwater pollution by the environment, Rainwater can carry chemicals, viruses, or bacteria which could be harmful and toxic to the body system. Although it is important to know that there’s no scientific evidence that rainwater is associated with baldness as believed by some people, it also important to understand the fact that as the rate of pollution of a region increases, the rate of contamination of their water system increases, the best way to stay healthy and safe, is to purify the rainwater before drinking by boiling, to reduce the acidity of the water and other contaminants. Good to know that Acid water has been said to have PH of 4 to 5, while juice, carbonated drinks and yoghurt PH is 2 to 4, considering these PH values, we will realise that acid rain is not that harmful to us but a misconception. if rainwater is allowed to settle for some hours, the PH will be neutralized , this makes it completely less dangerous, pollution of rain water could be from the tank, from the roof if dropped on it before been collected and other environmental factors such as deadly gases. However it safe to drink rainwater that fell directly from the sky but in some countries it is illegal to do so, while you know how good the rainwater is to the body, take some time to fetch a direct fall of it from the sky and drink. Thanks

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