Cleaning is essential, not only for purely aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure the health that it implies. Any type of installation requires such special care and, sometimes, it is not an easy task if we do not know how to carry it out. Are we using the appropriate products? Can we damage “x” material using these utensils?

Parquet is a surface that, in recent times, has taken a leading role in our homes. Its presence is becoming more and more noticeable, but we must also bear in mind that precisely because it is a fairly recent “novelty”, some of the best secrets to take advantage of these wooden boards are still somewhat unknown. For this reason, from this entry in our blog, today we want to offer you some tips and recommendations on how to maintain and clean the parquet of your spaces, as it should be.

Common mistakes

Before talking about cleaning, itself, one of the main things that we must take into account for the maintenance of our parquet floor is to avoid dragging any type of element (furniture, electrical appliances, toys …). Scratches are the great threat to these wooden surfaces and, although improvements in their design and construction have contributed to enhancing their durability and resistance; the parquet is still sensitive to these damages that, many times, are followed by foolish mistakes.

Referring now to how to take care of your parquet, you should know, for example, that there are different types: original wooden floors, vinyl, laminates … The “imitations” are less delicate, while the authentic wooden varnishing and, in these cases, it is preferable to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush than a broom, when it is time to remove the dust. In this way, there is no possibility of removing that varnish that protects and gives shine to the material.

Liquids on parquet

One of the most serious conflicts that parquet has is with the products used to clean it. Certainly, liquid products and this type of surface are not good friends. Do not forget that the raw material of this is wood, and we all know, by natural order, what happens to wood when it gets wet, especially in excess.

If for any reason, liquid is spilled on the parquet, we have to act quickly to prevent the surface from getting dirty and, failing that, we do not make it worse with the cleaning product. In the event that this happens, the essential thing is to dry immediately, with a clean and dry cloth, the liquid does not spread on the surface beforehand and it seeps through the cracks in the slats, penetrating the wood. If, on the contrary, that happens without realizing it at the time, and the stain persists without being aware of it, a trick to, first of all, absorb the humidity, is to spread newspaper on the “wet” surface. In this way we avoid that the parquet inflates and, therefore, that we do not have to suffer for its subsequent repair, with the relevant savings that this entails.

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To clean, we always recommend using specific cleaning products for parquet. You can follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and our advice as cleaning professionals, but always, always, avoid applying others that are not recommended to damage the wood.

We hope that these instructions have been useful to you to clean and keep your parquet in good condition. The reality is that its maintenance is very easy and these wooden floors do not need too extreme care to look like the first day; We just have to pay a little attention to them and make use of the appropriate products.

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