How To Fix the Headphone Mode in Your Phone?

How To Fix the Headphone Mode in Your Phone? post thumbnail image


Mobile Phones are absolutely an essential part of today’s time. Hence, one cannot afford to let anything go wrong with their device. A lot of companies have tried to induce the best technology in their smartphones. But here is a catch; if it is the technology, it is meant to have its loopholes and its own share of glitches. Smartphones of almost all types of brands like Samsung and others have faced many common glitches in their smartphone’s functionality. One of these glitches is phones getting stuck with headphone mode. Now, you can get rid of this problem on your own if, try the tricks mentioned below. But if nothing happens, then you can refer to cell phone repair shops like Mobile Junction.

It often happens that you were listening to songs through your headphones by plugging in your smartphone device. It turns your device’s headphone mode on. Without the headphone mode, your smartphone cannot let your headphone function. But when you remove the headphone jack, you may still find your phone in the headphone mode. It can happen because of mainly two reasons. The first being water in your jack and, the second is you might have removed the jack before the song stopped. As a result, you will not be able to see your phone working normally. You will not hear any sound from your phone or you will not hear any notification from your phone. Obviously, this will land you in an obnoxious position. But in such a situation instead, of Goggling “phone repair near me” and opting to go to a cell phone repair shop, you may first try to fix the headphone mode on your own. So here are tips to solve the headphone mode in your phone;

Tips to get your Samsung phone out of headphone mode

Switch Off and Then Switch On Your Device

It is the go-to solution for many; restarting your device solves many small glitches. But in case of fixing your headphone mode, you should be rebooting your phone only when you see the headphone mode on your device when you actually have removed the jack of your headphone. After switching off your device, wait for a few minutes and then switch it on again. It might have solved the error. But if it did not work then, move to the next solution given in this article. 

Remove Your Battery

This soft reset method is only for those who own a phone whose battery can be removed swiftly. Nowadays, in the Android market, you may not trace phones with a removable battery. But you have one then, switch your phone off, open its back case and remove the battery gently. Once the battery is out wait for some time and then again put it back in your phone. Switch on your device now. Once you switch your device, on seeing if the headphone mode is still on or not.

Insert Your Headphone Again and Then Pull It Out

Although, there are many solutions for fixing the problems of headphone mode; this is a little unknown among the users. Reinserting your headphones into your device and then pulling them out can help to solve the matter. All you need to do is;

● From your phone, remove the headphone at first.

● Now, when you see your phone still being in headphone mode, you again need to reinsert your headphone in your phone.

● Lastly, remove it and again insert it.

Performing this is supposed to fix the headphone mode issue. But if it does not work then, move to the next solution.

Clean The Headphone Port

Like it happens in case of your phone not charging and you need to clean the charging port, it is quite similar in the case of your headphone port. Unknown to many, the headphone port consists of a switch inside which indicates the phone about the insertion of a headphone jack. Sometimes when the jack accumulates dirt, then also the phone reflects the headphone mode. So take a torch and draw it on the charging port. If you trace any sort of dirt then, clean it gently. Now check whether your device has got rid of headphone mode or not.

So if you try these tricks, you might get rid of the problem with the headphone mode. Otherwise, you can refer to cell phone repair shops like Mobile Junction which is a phone repair in London.

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