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How to Organize a Socially Distant Brand Activation Event?

Brand activation events usually require close interaction with the attendees and target audience. However, the pandemic has shifted the operationality of the events, and close interaction in events is not less than taboo. Maintaining a socially safe distance is crucial for the health and wellbeing of all the attendees, staff members and other people present in the event venue.

Virtual events have gained quite success and popularity in the event hubs like the United Arab Emirates. Virtual brand activation events cannot excite the public and raise awareness as the live brand activation events. Therefore, organizing a socially distant event is the only option that can attract more attendees and ensure the perfect delivery of the message.

Explore this article in detail to learn how you can organize a socially distant brand activation event successfully.

Top 8 Tips to Make Distant Brand Activation Events Successful

Brand activation events help the authorities to interact and engage with the attendees at a personal level. However, the barrier created by the virtual events significantly impacts the interaction. On the other hand, live onsite events can increase the risk of the spread of the virus and cause serious health concerns. In such a scenario, distant brand activation event is a suitable option, which requires extensive planning and expert implementation.

Here are the top tips to make the socially distant brand activation events successful.

1.    Plan a drive through Experience

The drive-through setup has gained significant popularity during the last year. It is perfectly safe, interactive and entertaining too, which makes it an ideal option for brand activation events. A number of industries and organizations are utilizing the setup with the help of the best experiential event agency in Dubai and providing a refreshing break from routine to attendees.

2.    Offer Time Slot Based Registration

If you are opting for the drive-through setup for your brand activation event to boost interaction with attendees, you cannot make them wait in long queues until you can interact with them. The best tip to make the arrangement comfortable and enjoyable for all is to offer time slot based registration. In that way, you will be able to control event traffic and ensure personalized interaction without any hassle or extra wait time.

3.    Install a Safety Check at Entrance

To further boost safety and health protocols in your drive-through bran activation event, you can install a safety check at the entrance of the venue. Ensure to use a contactless temperature checker to stop the attendees who can pose a risk. In addition to it, you can ensure all people in the vehicle are wearing protective masks. You can also make it a compulsion for every vehicle not to have more than three people.

4.    Utilize Technology to Activate Experiences

One of the most important tips to make your socially distant, drive through brand activation event more successful is to utilize the technology perfectly. Events without technology give an impression of medieval times. So, include technology like QR scan to help the attendees activate various experiences and head to the next stage of the event.

5.    Include Art Installations and Branded Signage

An important tip to ensure brand activation in a drive-through event is to include art installations and branded signage in the whole passage. You can use the installations and signage to promote your message. You can also display the message of influencers and celebrities to gain the attention of attendees.

6.    Offer Personalized Consultation

One of the important tips to make your socially distant brand activation event successful is to offer personalized consultation. You can get influencers on board as consultants. Moreover, during the activation stage, you can ask the attendees to book a five to ten minutes consultation with the person of their choice and make your attendees feel welcomed and valued.

7.    Include Photo Booths

One of the essentials of brand activation events is the photo booth. You can include it in the drive-through event in such a way that attendees do not need to step out of their vehicles. Moreover, you can include filters or virtual reality to transform the attendees from their original self to your brand products.

8.    Place Packaged Swag Bad in Attendees Vehicles

To add a little more excitement and surprise element to your drive-through event, you can place packaged swag bags in the vehicle of attendees. You can include your customized products, packaged food and other similar items in the swag bag. You can also hire an experiential event agency in Dubai to put more thought into the preparation of swag bags and the overall organization of your event.

Plan with the help of professionals to boost ROI!

Drive-in cinemas, concerts, comedy shows and drive-through food festivals are common but drive through brand activation event is a new concept. In order to avoid minor mistakes, do not forget to consult the professionals and ensure smooth planning, organization and implementation from the start till the end.

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