How to Pack & Ship Your Products and keep them safe

How to Pack & Ship Your Products and keep them safe post thumbnail image

Manufacturing a product, packing it for shipping to the other states and countries is a bit tough. If you are a beginner and have been doing it not so perfectly, this blog is to guide you on how you can pack your things to make them more sustainable, and safe from the surroundings if you are dispatching your product to travel to the far-flung areas. I’m running a bakery store and knows about CPP Boxes, they make very reliable and durable boxes I use to send sweets on the customer’s doorstep. To send your products even farther, you can ask the company or trust any of the online packaging companies for the services. Follow the blog to know how smartly you can pack the product for safety.

Best Tips to Pack Your Products For Safety:

The purpose to enlist the key tips for packing the products for their safety is to educate you to enhance your deliverence. Your product could be awesome and packaged beautifully, but is it equally safe for shipping and ready to face the uncertainties of the journey? This blog solves this problem very smartly.

Use more Inner Packaging to Support:

Inner packaging is meant to give your product maximum safety if it is to travel to long distances. It can be very useful if you use packaging smartly. If your products are glass or the products carried by glass bottles, you should pack them in a single box but separately. There should be a certain distance between the glass products if there is a threat to be broken. You can use the inner packing following the pattern of the product. The inner packing made followed by the size and shape of the product can better support the product. By this, you can keep your customer satisfied with your safe delivery services too.

Use Extra-Layers:

Normally the product is delivered in three layers, one is the product layer, the other is inner and then the outer layer protects the products. But for shipping purposes, the shipping companies add another layer for the extra safety of the product. The extra layer is mostly printed by the shipping service givers with their logos. This is a plus point for the product to reach the destination safely. If there is no extra layer added, you can ask to add the extra layer because this is your product and you cannot compromise on its safe deliverance to the customer’s end. There is a printed packing tape the shipping companies use to overprotect the product which is very fine. This would impact positively to your customers that you are that much concerned about the product you are selling and the satisfaction of the valued customers. Extra layers can be the boxes or the bags that protect your products. The extra packing material is dependent on the product you are shipping. Your products may need a plastic wrapping or sometimes extra boxes.

Use Packing Peanuts:

As styrofoam is banned in all the states of the US, the product manufacturers should use the packing peanuts to deliver their products to the customers safely. Packing peanuts are the white soft bubble type material used to cushion for the extra sensitive products. Before this, styrofoam was been used but as it is not that environmentally friendly, the Government of the United States, keeping the climate change policy banned styrofoam and introduced the packaging peanuts for packing the products. If you have not used the packaging peanuts yet and don’t know about them, you should test the cushions to support your products.

Use Resilient Packing Material:

But why? Is your product to war areas? Not, but the conditions can be hard though. Your product can be protected by the special packaging so it can resilient in hard conditions too. Your product may have certain temperature requirements and may also face external uncertainties. This makes a person think that how to protect your product. You should research your product and what type of packaging can protect it for long-distance shipping. Then extra layers would be okay to protect the product or not. Thre are dozens of packaging types and different materials, you can ask tests to ship a product with different packaging to experiment with the safety of the product too.

Don’t Complicate the Packing:

Don’t complicate the packaging so much so it would be impossible to reopen the package and find the required product. You should also keep in mind this aspect because you can’t afford to irritate the customer by complex packaging. Don’t overuse the text and stickers on the packages to confuse the customer. It impacts very badly. If it is required to pack the product that way, you should design the opening of the packaging to make it easy for the customers.

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