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How To Prepare For Website Design You Won’t Want To Forget

Let’s take a closer look at the main stages of website creation by web designing companies in Dubai . At least what they should be. This is necessary to understand the logic of the web design agency

Stages of website development: 

1. Collection of primary information and analysis of competitors. 

2. Development of prototypes and design layouts. 

3. Layout of the web design UAE

4. Programming the logic of the site and the structure of the database (“engine”, “CMS”) 

5. Filling the site. 

6. Website promotion. 

This article will focus on the collection of primary information. Collection of primary information about the customer’s business.

All web designing companies in dubai should definitely ask you questions about your business. This is necessary to form the structure of the site, to identify your competitive advantages. Agree, the site of a commercial educational institution and a manufacturer of agricultural equipment will be fundamentally different. Here you can save time by preparing a small description (sheet or two) of the company’s activities in advance.

The business can be quite specific, and the web designing companies in dubai will be far from understanding its essence. Provide a list of your competitors, especially those online. It is desirable to describe the difference between your company and them. In theory, this should be done by the web design company itself, but, firstly, they may simply not know your main competitors (in the price range, geographic, etc.), and secondly, they may simply let this moment on the brakes. This situation often occurs in web designing companies in dubai

with a large turnover of orders. Although it is always possible to separately order the preparation stage of competitor analysis.

Analyzing information about competitors is a very important step and should not be underestimated. Perhaps such an analysis will help you structure your knowledge about them. Already at this stage, it is possible to form an idea of ​​the structure of your future site or supplement it, to notice successful solutions and competitors’ mistakes.

Fill out your analysis with a list like this:

1. “Competitor-1” – www. xyz.ae – beautiful design, interesting menu. Disadvantages – difficult to find contact information, vague catalog …

2. …

And so on.

Pass this list to the manager, ask their usability and design specialists to make your corrections. They can make valuable comments based on their experience. Believe me, sometimes, simply changing the color of a button can increase conversion by 5-10%. It is also important to understand what audience you are targeting. Youth, middle-aged people, their income level, interests.

If you sell youth clothing, then both the design and the structure of the site should be oriented towards this category. Bright colors are appropriate here, maximum interactivity. Use of slang.

If your audience is middle-aged with a high income, then here you should use a completely different design and eCommerce website Dubai structure.

Now you should clearly understand what type of site you need. The division here is rather arbitrary, and one type passes into another, but for a start, you still need to clearly understand what it will be.

Types of

The main types of commercial websites, in our opinion:

1. Business card site

This website provides information about a company or service. There are text photos and video materials. The services are described.

2. Showcase

The main difference between a “showcase” and a “business card” is the presence of a product catalog and an order button. There is no payment here. An application for something is simply formed.

3. Online store

The same showcase, but with the ability to pay for the purchase directly on the site. It is clear that the online store will have both a “business card” and a “showcase”. The rest of the additional functions, such as a form, galleries, feedback boards, can be considered separately, as an addition to the functionality. The web designing companies in dubai classification may differ, but it is always the same. You can easily explain what you need.

Based on all this, there are three main points:

1. The type of site.

2. The structure of the future site.

3. List of materials for filling, both text and graphic.

From points 1, 2 and 3, you immediately understand what kind of material you will have to provide to the web designing companies in Dubai for the initial filling of the web design UAE . If you order a “showcase” or “store”, then immediately prepare a structured catalog of your products with images.

After clarifying and forming these points, you can give an assignment for the design development (colors, fonts, types of main pages). Or the web designing company will do this development on its own, based on the analysis of competitors and personal experience.

Remember – if you do not want to just throw your money down the drain, you should carefully consider these points. It is not necessary to say: Do as at Competitor1 and that’s it. If you think that this approach is correct, it is better to postpone the order for now …

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