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How to Track Android Devices with OgyMogy?

Almost all of the smartphone users initially buy an Android smartphone before switching to other operating systems. More than 2 billion users use Android smartphones which device of the significance of the said aspect.

There are many perspectives to using the smartphone; while it poses a massive convenience to the users in accomplishing their routine activities, it has posed some serious implications in a few aspects as well.

The incorporation of these phones has somehow paved a way in compromising the productivity of employees of the business. The problem arises when employees use excessive phone instead of concentrating on the assigned roles and duties.

The cell phone makes them more prone to indulge in extraneous activities that are of no significance for business development and advancement. So, employers are having concerns over the usage of smartphones by their employees at the workplace.

The employees get involved in music, video streaming, remain connected with their friends and family through social networks. So, employers now seek to have a comprehensive protocol that can restrict the inessential usage of phones and want their workforce to focus on the assigned tasks.

The parents’ concerns have also come to join the employers. The kids using smartphones have also increased recently. It is reported that kids using unsupervised internet are more prone to be impacted by the likes of cyberbullying, cyber predating, and harassment.

The unverified users over the digital networks look to get into the lives of kids and try to steal their personal information, which may be used later on for blackmailing to get undue benefits.

There is another aspect to the story as well; a few kids consent fully indulge in viewing and sharing inappropriate stuff that can be morally and ethically challenging for them in the long term.

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So, the concerns of parents and employers are rightly justified and needed to be addressed effectively. There is a need for an extensive protocol that can take up all the reservations of the concerned parties and can live up to their expectations.

The only solution that comes to our mind regarding this is the use of an Android spy app for monitoring the activities of kids and employees. A fine android spy app can monitor and clone all the activities performing on the target device and shares the detail with the end-user in real-time.

There is a number of android spy apps that can spy on android devices, but many of them ends up offering no real deal. We have conducted an assessment and came to know of OgyMogy. The spy is one of the very best in the business right now and offering comprehensive employee and kid spying solutions.

The app extensively records all the activities performing on the android devices and provides a fair insight into these activities to the parents. The app is providing services since 2011 and is highly recommended by the existing users. We will have a look at the salient features of the android spy app.

OgyMogy – Best Android Spy App

Location tracking

The location tracking facility of OgyMogy allows tracking the location of the target android device efficiently. The end-user can identify the location of the target user at any point of time by using the end-user control panel.

The security and safety of employees and kids also get enhanced with this feature, as the target user can be reached out at any point in time.

Social media monitoring facility

The social media apps installed on the target device can be stalked without any hassle. All the chats, multimedia, voice notes, VoIP , and video calls can be monitored without any delay.

Internal storage tracking

The internal storage of the target android device can be tracked using the android spy app. The contacts, appointments, calendars, images, and videos stored on the device can be monitored and viewed.

Screen and surround recording

The surround and screen recording feature of the android spy app allows to spy on surroundings and enables to view the live performing activities on the screen of the target android device.


The need for an android spy app is discussed, and the solution is provided. It is observed that parents and employers badly need a spy app to monitor their target user’s activities and OgyMogy is found to be the best android spying solution in current times, by all means, to spy on kids and employers.

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