How to Use Online Customer Reviews in Your Content Marketing?

How to Use Online Customer Reviews in Your Content Marketing? post thumbnail image

Content marketing is the best way to promote your brand online. It becomes more useful when joined by SEO reseller. But what about customer reviews? Can a brand use customer reviews to promote itself more? Or the customer reviews are dead now being at the end of every product page? Do customers still pay attention to the reviews given by other customers? The answer is yes, reviews not only exist but they are more important these days.

You can use content marketing and SEO services to promote your brand with the help of customer reviews. If you don’t have an idea of how to do it, then here we are to help you. Read this post till the end to know it more deeply.

STEP 1: Create Content With Reviews

The first step is to create a specific content marketing strategy based upon reviews. After you have a few good customer reviews, you need to develop a content strategy. Some SEO services or content agencies can help you do it. Following are the basic things you need to do in this step.

Generate Content Ideas

Read every customer review very carefully and pay attention to them. Pay attention to both types of reviews, the bad ones, and the good ones. The good reviews will help you generate content ideas to promote your brand. But the poor reviews will help you generate content ideas based upon problems that customers are facing.

Write Specific Blog Posts

Now after you have generated ideas, write specific blog posts using customer reviews. Optimize your blog posts with the help of some SEO services.

Write Case Studies

Also, you can write case studies based on customer reviews. New customers will love to read and share them.

STEP 2: Share Reviews

Now the next step is about sharing your customer reviews. You can place it anywhere on your website. But if your SEO services are not good enough to grab visitor’s attention on customers, then you are doing it the wrong way. Place your customer reviews everywhere, not only on product pages. Following are some ways to share customer reviews with the audience.


Every brand does it already. But they do it in the wrong way. They share customer reviews on product pages or somewhere in a dark corner of the site. But you have to position it carefully. You can place it on landing pages. So that the traffic you are getting through SEO services can see reviews.

Third-Party Sites

Third-party websites focused on reviews can also share your customer reviews. You can ask for some top reviewing websites. Some of them will help you do this. You can also create a backlink from their site or use SEO services to rank higher using that review.

Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool for branding and marketing. You can share customer reviews on your social media posts. Or you can reward customers to review your products on social media platforms.

Video Content

If you think that you can only share customer reviews in text form then you are wrong. You can share written reviews on blogs and use SEO services to bring traffic to the blog post. But video marketing is at a peak level these days and you should also leverage from it. Try to share customer reviews in video form. Maybe they are screenshots or via storytelling and many video marketers can help you do it.

STEP 3: Advertise Reviews

Other than SEO services, you can also advertise customer reviews to grab more attention. There are many ways to promote customer reviews online and following are some common ways used mostly by brands.

Use PPC Network

You can use Google’s advertising network or any other to promote customer reviews with the concerned audience. New visitors will see customer reviews in your promotional campaigns. It will be really helpful to create brand awareness.

Promotion Through Influencers

Do you promote your products or services through influencers? No matter if they are social media influencers, bloggers, or offline influencers. You can use them to promote customer reviews too. They can help you grab more sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is always there to promote your content based on customer reviews. Once you have started creating content that is based upon customer reviews, you can opt for SEO packages and promote your content via SEO services.


The first step is to get new content ideas and develop a content strategy based on your customer reviews. After developing the ideas and strategies, you need to work upon content. Now there are thousands of ways to promote and position your customer review based content. Your content marketing will be a step ahead if you use SEO services along with it while promoting customer reviews. Customer reviews can help you establish a trustworthy relationship with your new customers.

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