Know Which Plants are Best for Your Aquarium Artificial vs Fake?

Plants are important to a fish tank for several reasons. For most people, placing plants inside an aquarium makes it look more natural rather than just plain gravel, rocks, and resin ornaments. But there is more to having aquatic plants than just decoration. Plants play a vital part in the health and well being of the fish.

In this article, we will look at the general differences between using real plants as opposed to fake ones in the aquarium so that you can get an idea to buy indoor plants online for your aquarium.

Benefits Aquatic Plants Provide

Aquatic plants like all other plants around the world perform photosynthesis. This is the process of converting natural light into an energy source that the plants need to survive and grow. During this process, there will be an exchange of gas, depending on whether there is an availability of natural light or not. In the day, when light is abundant, plants take in Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen. This creates an oxygen-rich environment that is perfect for marine life. However, you can’t have too many plants because at night when there is no longer any natural sunlight, plants consume Oxygen, and release Carbon Dioxide, robbing the fish of air to breathe. If you do have a lot of plants, you will need to guarantee that the tank water is properly aerated with a pump at night. One way to know if the fish is affected by too many plants is to observe them in the wee hours of e morning when you wake up, just before sun-up. You can see fish deprived of Oxygen at the surface trying to gulp for atmospheric air.

Apart from sunlight, plants also consume nutrients for their growth. This they obtain from either the substrate or free-floating nutrients in the water. Why is this a benefit? Because algae is also a plant. By having your aquatic plants in the tank, they would compete and rob the algae of nutrients, thus preventing them from taking hold of the aquarium.

Another benefit of having plants is that they are a natural food source. Of course, we do not want the fish chewing on the leaves and making them ragged and ugly. But if in case they are not sufficiently fed and are hungry, they will nip on the leaves which is better than them starving.

Pros of artificial plants

• There is an extraordinary assortment of fake plants accessible. They come in various sizes, shadings, and shapes, so the last design of your aquarium is just restricted by your creative mind.

• Artificial plants require less maintenance. They don’t need extraordinary lightning, substrates, enhancements, and pruning. Similar fake plants can be utilized in both fresh and saltwater tanks. You can pick any plant you like and place it anywhere your desire. If you don’t care for its position, simply move it to another area. When you purchase the plants, you will never need to burn through cash on them again, except if you choose to
buy plants online new ones. Indeed, it’s as easy as that!

• A ton of the latest fake plants are made of flexible and smooth materials; they move with the water and look practically natural, particularly after they’ve collected a characteristic covering of green algae.

• Artificial plants are prepared to utilize. You can put them in your aquarium when the plants are delivered to you, while live plants need some ideal situation to develop and bloom. Before you place any synthetic plant in your tank, make sure to give it a snappy wash in clean water to eliminate any impurities. In the event that you need texture plants to look more sensible, absorb warm water for around 30 minutes before you put them in the tank. This relaxes the fabric.

So Why Use Artificial Plants Then?

Artificial plants do have some benefits. At the very least they provide the fish with some cover to hide under when they feel stressed or threatened. If you have positioned your aquarium in a spot that gets direct sunlight, the fish will go under the leaves to escape from the heat of the day.

You would use artificial plants in your aquarium if you have a properly set up fish tank system. This means a really good filtration system, aeration, and means to counter algae bloom.

Artificial aquatic plants are also a good idea if your tank is placed in an area that does not get any sunlight throughout the day, such as in an office. Without proper sunlight, real plants will begin to look faded and wither.

Also, if you are someone who does not have any time for much fish tank maintenance, you would go for the fake plant option. Real plants tend to shed their leaves which need to be eliminated as soon as you can. Leaving the plants to rot will cause excess nutrients for algae to bloom and also be a food source for another fungus.

Whether you
order plants online, the real or fake ones is a matter of convenience. But having real plants in an aquarium is a better option if you can afford the maintenance time because it will enhance the wellbeing of your fish.

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