Main Parts of Bongs & Different Bongs to Buy from a Bong Shop in Canada

Main Parts of Bongs & Different Bongs to Buy from a Bong Shop in Canada post thumbnail image

A bong in Canada is the most popular way to consume cannabis nowadays to buy from a bong shop conveniently. People have been using bongs for thousands of years, as they are the most reliable smoking instrument. Do you know: How does a bong work? If you don’t know about it, you will find it out once you read this post. In reality, a bong is one of the best instruments to consume cannabis, whether you are new to it or an expert consumer.

Why Should You Use a Bong?

Bong is better to smoke than a hand pipe or a joint. With a hand pipe or joint, you take a deep hit while feeling your throat burning. The bong is different from them. The smoke has the time to cool down when you use a bong, in contrast to a hand pipe or joint. Bong filters smoke through water before the user inhales it back up to his/her neck. Some of the bongs have percolators or diffused down-stems to further force or diffuse the smoke through the water, making bong a very cool instrument to smoke cannabis.

The Main Parts of a Bong:-

To understand how the bong works, you need to know about its main parts, mentioned below:

  1. Bowl: One of the main parts of a bong is a bowl where you place the ground herb. You also need to upgrade or replace bowls, depending on the type of bowl that you use.


  1. Down-Stem: It is a long glass tube that directs smoke into the bong’s water chamber from the bowl. The down-stems come as removable or fixed, and most of them properly diffuse the smoke.


  1. The Water Chamber: You can guess from its name: What is the water chamber’s purpose? It is merely a chamber where your bong holds its water.


  1. The Neck: It’s the neck so that it will have a connection with the bong. It is the portion of the bong where the cooled or icy smoke travels to the mouthpiece.


  1. Ice-Catcher: Some top-notch bongs feature ice-catchers. By putting the ice into the catcher, you cool down your smoke even more for an incredibly smooth hit.


  1. Mouthpiece: Mouthpiece is the name indicates where you place your mouth to inhale the smoke.

Hopefully, you are well-aware of know: How does a bong works? If you comprehend the above parts of the bongs’ functions, you can realize how the smoking instrument, bong works.

The Types of Bongs:-

If you want to smoke a bong in Canada, you need to know what kind of bong you want to have. There are different types of bongs that you can purchase from a bong shop, mentioned below:

  1. Glass Bongs: Glass bongs are the most popular bongs, and there is a reason for it. These bongs provide you with the cleanest and purest taste. However, these are the most expensive bongs that you can buy in Canada.


  1. Plastic: The second most popular material that is used for bong includes plastic. Again, there is a reason for it. It’s a durable material and doesn’t break when it falls on the ground. Moreover, the plastic bongs are cheaper than other bong materials, but you can’t enjoy cannabis taste at its full using plastic bongs.


  1. Ceramic: Ceramic bongs are heavier than glass and plastic bongs. But ceramic bongs are fragile, so they aren’t as much dependable as plastic bongs. Still, these bongs are expensive than plastic bongs owing to their artistic design. 


  1. Bamboo: These are the oldest form of bongs. These are great bongs to use for the long-term; still, these bongs are not very popular.


  1. Metal: Metal bongs are very rare, as they are tough to find. Metal bongs can last for a long time, and they come for an affordable price. Moreover, these bongs are very hard to clean, and you can’t expect to have a good taste of cannabis using metal bongs.


  1. Silicone Bongs: Another famous bong besides silicone and plastic bongs are silicone bongs. Many smokers prefer silicone bongs over glass bongs because they do not break.



One of the most popular instruments to smoke is a bong. A bong is a better instrument for smoking than a hand pipe and a joint as it doesn’t hurt one’s throat. There are six main parts of a bong, including bowl, down-stem, the water chamber, neck, ice-catcher, and mouthpiece. You can find six types of bongs, including glass bongs, plastic bongs, ceramic bongs, bamboo bongs, metal bongs, and silicone bongs. Among all kinds of bongs, the most popular bong is a glass bong as it’s easy to clean and doesn’t affect the taste of cannabis. Many smokers give priority to silicone bongs over glass bongs as they don’t break easily. Moreover, if you want to buy a bong from a bong shop in Canada, you should try plastic bongs if you’re going to travel with a bong. Lastly, every bong has a unique feature that gives it an edge over another bong in Canada

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