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Pink City Guide: Places to eat and stay in Jaipur

Ever since great kings ruled the capital city of Rajasthan, it was colored pink making it renowned as ‘Pink City. The uniformity in the color within the entire walled city can still be seen, making it a major tourist attraction.

The Famous Pink City and Its Taste

Apart from its aesthetic architecture and widespread monuments, Jaipur is also famous for its exquisite and scrumptious flavors in its every mouth-watering dish giving another reason to visit the city. The taste of the city is spread widely with humble and generous people, gorgeous locales to buy authentic clothes and accessories to carry as a memento.

Rajasthani cuisine is among the most famous cuisines in India. Jaipur being the capital city is an amalgamation of all cities’ tastes. Rajasthani cuisine contains the best taste of royal kitchens, which still exists. The quintessential thalis is an integral part of the Rajasthani cuisine for a brilliant dining experience inclusive of soothing curries, hot pieces of bread, and accompaniments.

The food prepared in the city resembles the rich culture that contains a generous amount of ghee, milk, and yogurt served. You may not find much of green leafy vegetable variety due to the hot climate and limited water, thus you may get other savory options such as Gatte ki Sabzi (made from gram flour), Dal-Bati-Churma (made from wheat flour and pulses), and famous Ker Sangri (combination of beans and berries).

There are several places to eat in Jaipur that claim to have an authentic taste of the city. cuisine Rajasthani cuisine is among the most famous cuisines in India. 

10 Best Places to Eat In Jaipur City And Stay 

1135 AD

The historic place is located on the lands of Amber. Residing within the fort the ambiance comprises of majestic and splendid chairs and tables with an open-air surface and gold enameled walls lets you go back to the old kingly days. Enjoy the mesmerizing sunset with the best of Mughlai, Rajasthani, and North Indian cuisines served on a silver platter and cutlery for the royal treatment.

Anokhi Cafe 

This cafe is a composite of a cheerful and eco-friendly environment. The canonical and minimalist designs are a perfect escape from the loaded city traffic. The cafe is famous for serving fresh salads, baked loaves of bread, loaded and juicy sandwiches, and cheesecake composed of organic ingredients, fresh from the farm. Another special treat is its coffee cake that will pull you towards the cafe again.

Laxmi Misthan Bhandar (LMB)


Situated in the walled city, LMB is a historic spot for sweet lovers. This sweet shop has a fine-dining space to try out the authentic taste of the city as well as a takeaway section to quickly pack and move. LMB is best for picking authentic and traditional ghewars, phinis, and milk cake.


Tapri is the most lively cafe with three branches within the city. This place is a hotspot for youth mostly that serves quick-bites at cost-effective rates. The edgy interior and exotic menu allow you to explore more. Their famous cheese puchkas and pesto Khakra pizza are a must-try as well as their special vada pav with cheese. 

Rambagh Palace

This royal guesthouse and hunting lodge has undergone many transitions. This luxurious place has an all-day dining restaurant or cafe name Verandah. One of the best places in Jaipur to drink, dine, and stay, Rambagh architecture is a composite of extravagant and splendid hand-carved sandstone balustrades, cupolas, and cenotaphs with elaborated Mughal gardens that gives you a royal treat a notch further. 

Jai Mahal Palace

Another heritage place in Jaipur to relax and enjoy your day in the city. A reflection of Mughal designs has been the residence of three Prime Ministers. This 5-star luxury property owns a popular cafe named Cinnamon that serves the most famous and authentic Royal Indian Cuisines that runs all day. Jai Mahal Palace is a perfect place to relish the taste of the city.

Chokh Dhani

You can forget to visit this place when you visit Pink City. The brand has continued to maintain its hospitality services along with authentic taste. The multinational luxury place serves its customers with utmost care and love that bonds them for every time visit when they visit the city. This authentic place also accommodates hundreds of guests in their village themes with modern amenities luxury hotel. Chokhi Dhani is a chain of hotels located globally. 

Rawat Mishthan Bhandar (RMB)

When it’s Rajasthan, Kachori & Samosas are inevitable snacks to relish. There is no time set and place to eat Samosa Kachoris in Jaipur as you can find lots of kiosks selling these savory snacks in the walled cities. However, a few such as the Rawat Mishthan Bhandar has been serving the authentic and lip-smacking taste, making it the best outlet for Onion and Dal Kachoris. These crunchy, golden, and scrumptious cuisines are filled with earthy-flavors of Rajasthani cuisine that you will only find here.  

The Oberoi RajVilas

This kingly heritage hotel is spread over 32 acres with beautifully landscaped gardens, traditional infrastructure combined with modern amenities. This luxurious place treats you like a Maharaja with its hospitality services and cultural ambiance. The mix of Rajasthani and international cuisine gives you a supreme taste experience. The Oberois is most recommended for couples who look for a place aloof and far from city hustle-bustle yet want to enjoy the view of the city. Surya Mahal is their fine-dining restaurant which again reflects the era of Maharaja dinette. 

ITC Rajputana Sheraton 

A hospitality chain from ITC located in Jaipur is surely a place for you to stay to endure an exquisite brand experience. ITC is known to offer luxury benchmark services, fine traditional hospitality reflecting culture wherever you go. ITC hotels have also tied up Marriott’s ‘Luxury Collection Brand’ promising responsible luxury. This premier chain of luxury Parador is a perfect example of intimacy and grandeur that operates under a high standard of stewardship with ISO 22000 certified facilities for absolute protection from any infection.

Conclusion –

The list of places to eat in Jaipur and luxurious yet heritage reflection hotels to stay in are endless. The aforementioned are among the best if you want to experience the rich culture and Royal Rajputana tradition.


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