Prenatal Yoga: Know which yoga is beneficial in removing prenatal problems

The practice of these prenatal exercises can provide health benefits.

The time of pregnancy is most invaluable for every woman. Those who become mothers for the first time do not know what activities they should do at the time of conception or prenatal, especially for women who do not have any close elderly, this time becomes more difficult.


Today, in this article, we will tell you what prenatal yoga and asanas should be done by pregnant women. Also, this exercise will tell all the information related to how it is beneficial for the pregnant woman before delivery.


Many pregnant women wonder whether exercising during pregnancy is right or not, let us tell you, the more exercise women do during pregnancy, the more strong they are to bear the pain of childbirth. If a pregnant woman wants, she can also exercise daily in consultation with her doctor. By exercising daily, the body remains relaxed as well as the muscles get strength and the body also gets flexibility. It does not have to suffer much at the time of delivery.


If pregnant women exercise daily, it increases their chances of normal delivery. A pregnant woman should keep in mind that while exercising the pressure on the abdomen and which involves lying on her stomach, such exercises should not be done at all, along with extreme care should be taken while exercising and very slowly any posture should do. Keeping your body in mind, do any yoga and asana according to convenience. As far as possible, you should try to do asanas and yoga as advised by the doctor. Know about Prenatal Yoga.


Prenatal Yoga: Pregnancy Yoga

NOTE: During pregnancy, you must consult your doctor once before performing any asana. It is better to do it under the supervision of a yoga trainer. The below Yoga during Pregnancy is very beneficial for pregnant women. But before doing these, take the advice of your doctor.


Pregnancy time is a time for every woman when she needs to take special care of herself. It is very nice to walk in the morning air during pregnancy.

The mind is also good with the fresh air in the morning, it is also good for the pregnant woman and the baby growing in the womb.

Exercise also benefits the pregnant as well as the baby. This can increase the growth of a baby. Also, by doing yoga, stress and depression can also be avoided. During pregnancy, many types of hormones change in the body, due to which the body has to face many problems.

Therefore, if the women exercise every day during pregnancy, they do not get stressed and reduce the experience of fatigue as well as blood circulation in the body also happens properly.

It helps to avoid many problems occurring during pregnancy. Exercise is considered right from the fourth month of pregnancy. Whenever you start exercising, please consult a doctor. You can also know more about yoga asana by joining 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Pregnancy Yoga Asana

Today we are telling you some easy yoga postures –



  • The first and simplest yoga is Sukhasana. For this, you should sit on the floor by laying a pedestal.

  • After this, slowly draw your breath in and release it out. Repeat this 10 times.



To do this asana, sit with your legs spread out in front and straighten your waist.

Now take a breath and raise your hands up to the shoulder, then while exhaling, bend the right hand and waist. Try not to twist your knees.



  • After this, take a breath and come back to the previous position, make sure that your hands are parallel during this time.

  • Repeat again the same thing by the alternative side. Keep in mind that do not let too much stretch in the body, do the posture very carefully.

  • This posture strengthens the spine as well as its regular practice increases the chances of normal delivery and if you are experiencing any difficulty or pain while doing this asana, do not attempt it.


 It can help pregnant women.


  • To perform this asana, first, stand upright.

  • Now move your left foot forward and right leg backward. Now raise both your hands up and keep your hands straight.

  • Repeat this action 5 to 6 times. The practice of this asana helps in delivery, it helps strengthen the lower back of the waist.



  • To perform this asana, sit with your feet fully spread out keeping the position of Namaste.

  • During this, keep your back straight, now try to hold the feet of the feet with the help of both hands while extending your knees.

  • Keep holding like this for some time, then come back to normal.


  • There is a problem with high back pain during pregnancy. Performing this asana during pregnancy can provide great benefit in back pain.

  • To perform this asana, first, sit with your back straight. Now taking your breath inward, move both your hands upwards and join both the palms together in the posture of Namaste.

  • Keep your elbows straight, stay in this posture for some time, then after some time get back to your normal state.

  • The practice of this asana provides quick relief in back pain during pregnancy.

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