Important Things Everyone Should Know About Gift Card Design

Important Things Everyone Should Know About Gift Card Design post thumbnail image

Without a doubt, gift cards are one of the significant investments for businesses around the globe and in all industries. You will be surprised to know that the market for Gift Cards grows rapidly every year, as they are one of the popularly requested items during the holiday season. It can be a challenging task to design an attractive custom gift card for your business, and that’s why in this post, we are sharing top tips and strategies for your promotional gift cards. Let’s begin!


Things you should know before getting started with a Gift Card design

Brand consistency

Unlike business cards, your gift cards aren’t designed to carry your details, and hence you can go extremely creative with your card’s design. You can pick your colors, creative elements, graphics, and branding as per your custom taste. 

Always make sure that your gift cards are recognizable as yours, and hence you should try to keep its branded consistency intact. If your business uses particular color schemes in logos, business cards, and marketing elements, let it stand out in your custom gift card design. The gift cards act as the perfect advertisement products for your brand, so make your brand and logo look attractive and noticeable on the cards.


Shapes and sizes

Usually, people prefer gift cards in the standard sizes- 3.375“ x 2.125” with a thickness of .03 inches. It is the size of a credit card, so it will be easy to carry in the wallets. However, it is a popular size, but you should not strictly go with this option only. If you want something different, explore various other creative options with different shapes and sizes.



You can go with various types of corners, such as rounded, die-cut, sharp, or straight corners that will help make your gift card stand out. Rounded corners are very common, but this selection ultimately makes sense as they are made to carry easily in pockets. However, sharp corners look simple and professional, but their portability isn’t easy.

If you are looking for something even more creative, go for the die-cut corners that intensify the looks without losing the actual efficiency.


Custom shapes

If you are willing to go with custom shapes for much impactful brand promotions, you should begin with discovering the best shapes that match perfectly with your brand.

For instance, coffee shop owners can go with the shapes of a coffee cup, or a pizza shop owner can opt for a pizza-shaped card. All these can alter the size of your promotional gift cards, but they will definitely grab the attention of your audience. There are thousands of possibilities to go creative with the gift cards using different shapes, and all you have to do is explore the options out there!


Color and text

Nowadays, most people go with a minimalistic approach, and they prefer to use the cards as promotional items, so they use brand colors and logos on them. How you utilize the entire space on your gift card depends on your creativity.



From foil printing to uncoated (natural) options, there is a wide range of finishing options for your gift cards. Go with the finishes that best suit the aesthetics of your brand and impress your prospects effortlessly.


Designing excellent gift cards for your brand can help skyrocket your sales and improve overall credibility. Professionals at TGprintshop can help you with cost-effective, professional-looking Gift Cards and other custom Promotional Items.

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