Resin flooring for outdoor patio landscaping

This coating is made up of mineral compounds embedded in a specifically selected resin, which make it both resistant, durable, and draining. However, its properties depend on the quality of the materials from which it is made, as well as the execution of the laying work.

What materials should be preferred for the manufacture of floor mats? How to ensure quality? What are the advantages of installing this material to equip an outdoor patio?

A stone carpet terrace: a mixture of mineral matter and resin

A resin-based stone mat is a product perfectly suited to decorating a house terrace, around your swimming pool, or any other exterior surface requiring to be covered. 

This floor covering is suitable for covering over old tiled slabs, a concrete slab, or even gravel (GNT). Its resistance to bad weather and its robustness make it a material of choice, thought to withstand several decades (subject to installation work correctly carried out, and regular maintenance).

Marble, quartz are the minerals used to create a stone carpet

These minerals are used in the form of aggregates, linked together by a polyurethane-based resin. The stones used to compose this resin flooring are marble and quartz. They are calibrated by sieving, near crushing the rough stones. They are then rolled to remove all edges and allow the final product to be soft to the touch and comfortable in use.

Carpets or stone rugs are made from aggregates selected for their grain size. This is what will give the coating its structure, thus allowing water to pass through the thickness before being evacuated. These small crevices which separate the mineral grains are fixed by the resin and give the material all its flexibility. The air contained therein makes it possible in particular to keep the surface of the coating passable, even when exposed to sunlight. When tile slabs or stone slabs get hot and uncomfortable, the stone mat allows you to walk barefoot on its surface without risking burns. It is also this structure that allows the water to swell in the event of negative temperatures, thus causing no cracks.

It is possible to combine several aggregates of different colors, in order to obtain decorative patterns and graphic compositions. The variety of colors allows you to choose from a wide range of possibilities, easy to match. This offers the possibility of creating a covering resembling you and matching the decoration of your garden for example.

Resin Bound Driveway

The Resin Bound Driveway that goes into the composition of a stone carpet is of prime importance. It is this which constitutes the protection of the aggregates against climatic conditions by enveloping them. 

For the manufacture of an exterior floor covering, it is polyurethane resin which is the most suitable. Polyurethane is an ecological material that does not present any toxicity and which is perfectly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays. This resin is transparent and allows the soil to remain elastic to withstand any physical stresses from temperature variations.

Exterior Resin Aggregate

The stone carpet: a coating of choice to equip a terrace

A wooden deck can age badly and requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition. In addition, the products used to maintain it are often dangerous to handle and toxic for the environment. For a tiled or stone terrace, the findings are the same. Over time, stone and tile will stain and often break over time and accidents. These coatings also suffer from temperature variations.

A resin floor covering has properties that make it a material much more suitable for the development of a terrace or a pool tower, for example. It is extremely robust and durable. It also has other very interesting features:

No risk of huge puddles appearing on your patio in rainy weather. After installation, the product has no hollow or relief.

A resin floor has an open structure that allows it to drain rainwater. It is precisely its draining power that makes it an ideal exterior flooring.

Thanks to the polyurethane used as a binding agent, it has a permanent elasticity which allows it to withstand frost in winter and high temperatures in summer. This is the assurance of avoiding the appearance of cracks over time.

Unlike other coatings, there is no fear of greenish moss deposits often present on wooden decks. The surface of a stone carpet offers no grip to these parasites. 

When a wooden terrace can be very slippery in rainy weather, a stone carpet remains perfectly adherent. 

The installation of a resin and aggregate flooring, a professional job

You can buy kits including everything you need to install a stone patio rug yourself. Watch out for these solutions. The installation of this type of material requires real know-how. The application of the bonding primer and the preparation of the support, for example, are crucial steps to guarantee the good resistance of the final coating. 

Note: It is recommended that the execution of the installation work be entrusted to a company specializing in this type of work. It is necessary to be authorized to handle this product to ensure its durability. It should not only be considered as a decorative coating with an aesthetic premium but also as a technical coating which we expect qualities that only a qualified professional can guarantee.

Preparation of the support

Whether the installation is on a tiled, concrete or gravel surface, it is necessary to prepare the surface. The latter must be homogeneous and free from defects (cracks, subsidence, etc.). 

In the event of notable imperfections, it may be necessary to carry out preliminary repairs following the operations. A leveling can therefore be done on tiling or concrete, a compaction may be necessary on gravel.

Aluminum chopsticks

They are the ones that will constitute the delimitation of the surface to be equipped, at the limits of a terrace, for example, to retain the resin and aggregate mixture. They will allow regular application and very clean and aesthetic finishes.

The second role of these aluminum rods is to be able to achieve geometric shapes, allowing to delimit areas of different color and appearance. For the creation of patterns, these boundaries will give their sharpness to the drawings.

The installation of a primer bonding layer

This epoxy resin primer layer makes it possible to create a bond layer before laying the final resin flooring itself.

This epoxy layer greatly reduces the porosity of the existing support floor and allows the adhesion of your new floor covering.

The rest of the laying of your new floor takes place when the primer is completely dry.

The preparation of the resin and aggregate mixture

The preparation of the resin is an important and delicate step. The professional will have to mix the liquid polyurethane resin with a hardener in proportions that it is important to respect.

When this mixture is perfectly prepared and well homogenized, it is poured into a concrete mixer containing the aggregates (marble, quartz). The whole is then put to knead. When the mixing is finished, we will proceed to the laying of the floor covering in the areas delimited by the aluminum strips.

Smoothing the floor in stone carpet

This is the final step in siding installation. It requires all the expertise of a professional to give the expected result. The work must be carried out quickly and smoothly so that the aggregates are perfectly well placed within their resin matrix. All the importance of the know-how of a professional comes into play at this stage.


To equip a terrace, as well as any exterior surface, a floor covering based on resin and mineral aggregate is an option that will guarantee reliability, strength, and ease of maintenance.

Also suitable for dressing a driveway, a pool tower, or a terrace, it allows to homogenize the aesthetics of the exterior parts of a house while ensuring to opt for a draining and non-slip coating. In addition, its mineral appearance and colors will allow you to opt for a tailor-made decoration and atmosphere.

However, as underlined upstream, it is important to entrust the realization to a professional, in order to ensure that it will offer the technical qualities which are awaited from it. The mixture of polyurethane resin and stone aggregate (quartz or marble) requires real know-how. 

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