Sample resume for fresh graduate without work experience

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Your first job hunt is an exciting time in your life while also being nerve-wracking. Mostly because you are caught in the dilemma of needing job experience to get a job. But how can you get experience when you can’t get employed without it? It is a vicious cycle that does not seem to have an escape route. But do not stress out any further as we are here to help you precisely with that.

Resumes that can help you can land a job can be crafted without work experience. All you need to follow are a few authentic tips from the experts of resume and dissertation help writers. If you create the resume accordingly it will be able to convince a hiring manager of your capabilities. Without further ado, let’s explore the pointers you must follow to achieve that.

1.     A summary statement must be included

An objective statement added to your resume expresses which career goals do you want to achieve. This is mostly becoming an outdated practice now. As you need to focus more on what you can offer the employer instead of the another way round.

But a summary statement reflects the professional side of you. It should be no longer than one or two sentences at the top of the resume. They serve to give a positive first impression to your potential manager. Therefore, its important that they are promising enough to lead the reader further in.

2.     Decide on a format for your resume

In the current market there three dominant formats being used for resumes. These are functional, chronological, and hybrid which is a mix of both.

A functional resume template highlights the achievements and skills of the candidate, rather than professional experience. A chronological resume specifically lists the work experiences of the applicant in reverse chronological order.

For candidates who have no work experience, we recommend following the chronological format. You will have the following sections in your resume while following this layout:

·        Header

·        Academic information

·        Internships, volunteer work, projects, extracurricular activities

·        Skills

From here on we are going to guide you how to work upon each of these sections of your resume.

3.     Header

The header section will contain your contact info and summary statement. Make sure this section is brief and to the point. In your personal information, add your full name, email, phone number, and a link to your LinkedIn profile. You can also add a webpage link if you have a relevant one. Make sure that you have a professional-looking email address to add in your resume. Double-check all the information once you are done to make sure everything is correct.

4.     Educational information

 In a normal resume, the first section after the header consists of work experience. But as we do not have that to work with here, it is replaced by the education section. You can direct more attention to your academic achievements this way, which are major selling points for you.

You must have the following features listed in this section:

1.     Name of your degree

2.     Institution’s name

3.     Years you attended

4.     GPA

5.     Honors

6.     Any coursework that is relevant

If you have studied at a prestigious institution, then that can be added before your degree. It will immediately catch the hiring manager’s eye when placed there.

5.     Other sections to replace work history and experience

You can effectively use internships, relevant extracurricular activities, volunteer work, and more to fill in the experience gap. But you must know the right way to do it. This is how.

·        Internships

Add an internship you did which relates to the position applied for. This section comes right after the education part. Be specific when writing about your internship role and title. For instance, if you were an intern at a marketing department then write it down as “Marketing Intern”.

Do mention the company’s name, location, and the duration you worked there. Add a list of the responsibilities you had there as bullet points. If there are any tangible achievements add them in as well.    

·        Extracurricular activities and volunteer work

These effectively show qualities like being ambitious and hard working. Mention the name of the organization or team you worked with. The role you had and activity’s duration. Any notable awards/achievements should also be included. Any voluntary work experiences are also recorded in the same way.

6.     Skills

Lastly, there are two types of skills which a no-experience resume can have. They are soft skills and hard skills.

Soft skills refer to attributes or habits that will help you adapt to a professional environment. Creativity, leadership, teamwork, and responsibility are some examples of that.

Hard skills refer to technical tools, knowledge, or training which applies to the job position. Financial accounting, expertise in different software or technical writing are a few examples.

The final tip: hire a professional service

You are now aware of what sort of information you must put into a resume with no work experience. However, crafting a winning resume can take more than that. The trends and requirements of the industry are constantly changing. Therefore, only professionals like cover letter writing services in Abu Dhabi can come up to the task. They have expert writers who have built up enough experience to know exactly what is needed by hiring managers. Which makes them the best option when you are seeking for your very first job.

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