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Aries are enterprising and motivated individuals. The Aries own dates of birth from 20 March to 19 April of each year. The birthstones have been dedicated to Aries since the commencement of the history.  These birthstones prove themselves as blesses stones for Aries. People wear them with belief to have aid for their dynamic and vigorous nature. Our work on various Aries Birthstones will be very assisting to select one of your choices. We are explaining the traits of the Aries gemstones identified by the astrologists.

You can use Aries Birthstone if you are not Aries. But for non Aries individuals, these jewels are only used for ornamentation. For this intention Aries Birthstone Color is basic factor. Aries gemstones along with their potential attributes are explained below


The blood stone is classified plasma and heliotrope forms. Heliotrope form is transparent with embedded red color. On other side plasma form is deep green and opaque. In history it has been symbol of justice with glassy to waxy lavish.

This stone is proven remedy for nose and assist in blood circulation. In addition to this cure, it is also panacea for blood tumors. Magical healing affects of the stone are admitted concerning to kidneys and liver functions. Warriors prefer to wear this stone taking it as stone of courage and bravery.


It is one of the prominent Aries Birthstones. This precious Aries Birthstone Color in white or colorless hues is liked with the highest rating. The most valuable jewelry in the market is diamond jewelry. This jewelry is also selected to wear on engagement and wedding events.

It is the hardest stone in the world. Because of its hardness, it is used for drilling, cutting and mining. In information technology devices, its application is opening new doors to increase the life of electronic products. It is heat spreader item. It saves the electronic from heating.

Today diamonds have made easy to diagnose various diseases because of optical characteristics. It has proved as skin curing agent more specifically in case of removal of wrinkles from the face.

If you are Aries, wear it for long duration. Check your creativity attributes before and after the use. You will see a lot of positive improvements while wearing it for long duration.

In the past era, diamond was select gemstone of warriors. They used to think that it increases bravery in their personality. Diamond assists the soldiers in scoring success in challenging situations.


Jasper is also Aries Birthstone. According to astrological knowledge, it is planetary gemstone under the influence of MARS. This stone is existing in various color like comprising red, green, yellow, black and white. It develops harmony in the positive and negative energies existing in human bodies.

Red Jasper

This is one of the astrological stones. It has good signs of fortunes for the wearers. It is stimulating and protective stones. This stone reduces the flames of emotions and removes the toxic effects from the body. It cures the diseases of liver.


It is a talismanic Aries Birthstone. It is also found in white color. With an ideal Cut, people often mistakenly consider it diamond. Its existence is also verified in yellow, blue and brown color tones. It is mineral stone having various levels on inclusions and blemishes. The rate of impurities in the stone depends on the source from where it is got.





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