Snapchat: 10 tricks to squeeze the social network of ephemeral content

Although little by little Instagram has been eating ground and a large part of its audience imitating its characteristics with stories, Snapchat continues to be a reference social network that millions of users trust. That’s why today we bring you 27 tricks and little tips for Snapchat that will help you get the most out of it.


We’ve tried to strike a balance in this article between interface options that may not be known to everyone, and little more hidden tricks. We have from how to disappear from geolocation to how to apply wallpaper to part of your photo.


As usually happens in this type of article, it is inevitable that we may have been left with a trick, either due to confusion or because I simply do not know it. That is why I invite you all to tell us other tricks that you can learn about in the comments so that we can all make an article as complete as possible.


1. Adapt to the new interface


Snapchat is having some problems with the latest redesign of its interface, so if you haven’t used it for a while you may have to adjust to some of the things that have changed in it first. But don’t worry either, because the changes weren’t as drastic as you might think.


When you open the application, you will go directly to camera mode to create a video or take a photo. If you slide to the left screen you will go to the friend’s section, formerly known as chats, and if you go to the right screen you will see a selection of the content highlighted with a search engine. In the screen below you will see the snaps and saved stories, and on the screen, above you enter the map section.


2. Use the filters to alter the speed of a video


Although they are a bit hidden, among the filters that you can apply to a video on Snapchat before publishing it, there are three with which you can alter its playback speed. You just have to slide your finger from left to right on the screen to navigate between the filters to reach them.


  • The filter with the turtle icon slows down the video.

  • The filter with the hare icon makes the video go faster.

  • The filter with the three triangles icon facing back makes the video go backward.


3. Activate 2-Step Verification


Two-step authentication is a highly recommended security method for all your accounts, with which, in addition to your username and password, you add a second step to verify your identity the first time you log into a service with a new device. Snapchat has an option to activate it, and it is highly recommended.


  • On the main screen, click on the icon of your user.


  • Once in your profile, click on the gear wheel icon that you have in the upper right to enter the settings.


  • Once in the settings, click on the Verify login potion.


  • You will access a screen that explains how the verification works. Click on Continue.


  • Now choose between the SMS or Authentication application options to decide how you want to verify your identity.


4. Create snapcodes to share webs

Snapcodes are a kind of QR code that you generate with Snapchat, and that other person can then scan using the application. They are generally used to quickly share your profile with your friends when you are physically together, but you can also create codes that point to certain web pages to share your favorites without having to spell them out to anyone.


  • On the main screen, click on the icon of your user.


  • Once in your profile, click on the gear wheel icon that you have in the upper right to enter the settings.


  • Once in the settings, click on the Snapcodes option.


  • Now click on Create Snapcode.


  • You will go to a screen where you simply have to type a URL and press the Create button.


5. Use flash in selfies … without your mobile having a flash


A very curious feature of Snapchat is that when you are using the front camera it has a system to simulate using a flash. To activate it, start using the front camera, and activate the flash button that you have with the lightning icon at the top of the screen.


With the flash activated, the screen of your mobile will light up to the maximum when you take a photo or record a video with Snapchat, making the image light up and generating an effect similar to what you would have if there was a front flash on your device.


6. Activate ghost mode


If you have not been very attentive to the permissions and options that Snapchat asks you the first time you use it, it is possible that you have it configured to geolocate you to allow you to use geographical filters or that others can see you on a map. However, if you don’t want others to see you on the map you can activate the so-called Ghost Mode to disappear from it.


  • Intake photo mode, pinch in on the screen.


  • You will enter the map mode. In it, click on the options button with the gear wheel icon that you have at the top right.


  • The first option that will appear is Ghost Mode, so you just have to select it.


  • Now decide the duration of this ghost mode.

7. Edit application permissions


t is possible that although at first, it seemed like a good idea to give Snapchat access to all the data on your mobile that it asks for, later you prefer to take care of your privacy and limit these permissions. You can do it without problems and without having to use the options on your mobile since the app has its own permission management section.


  • On the main screen, click on the icon of your user.


  • Once in your profile, click on the cogwheel icon that you have at the top right.


  • You will enter the configuration. There, go to the Additional Services section and click on Manage.


  • Now click on the Permissions option, where you can deactivate the permissions that you have given to the application just by touching them.


8. Download the data that Snapchat has about you


If you are concerned about your privacy you can also find out what data Snapchat has on you. To find out, you only have to access one of its web addresses, where you will not only be able to see the data it has stored about you, but you will also have the possibility to request to download it to be able to consult it on your own.


  • Go to the page and log in with your username and password.


  • When you enter the Manage my account page, click on My Information.


  • On the hat page, you will see a detailed list of everything Snapchat has on you.


  • At the end of the list, you can press a Send request button to receive an email with a link with which to download all this data.

9. Use the built-in Shazam


This is a rather peculiar utility since it does not seem to have much to do with the rest of the application’s functions. Snapchat has Shazam integrated, and if you press and hold your finger on the main screen of camera mode, the app will begin to recognize the music that is playing on the site where you are.


10. Share a story outside of Snapchat


Snapchat also now allows you to share other people’s stories outside of the application, integrating with the share menu that your mobile operating system has. Doing so is pretty easy once you learn how, you just have to interact before entering a featured snap.

  • Instead of clicking on a story to open it, keep your finger pressed on it

  • In the pop-up menu that appears, click on Share story.

  • The share menu of your mobile system will open, and you only have to choose a method now.

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