Spermatorrhea – Must Know About It!

Spermatorrhea is a male disorder in which excess and unintentional ejaculation happens at awkward moments. The discharge or ejaculation happens without orgasm or intention. It is not in control of the male suffering from the problem. Discharge happens from the prostate or testes in form of white milky sticky semen.

Spermatorrhea could be due to mental and physical reasons. The excess masturbation, intimacy thoughts, or weak diet   or weak nervous system etc. the treatment involves medications or counseling sessions from a psychologist to treat the emotional side of the issues. The problem needs to be treated as premature ejaculation is the next step of the problem, which will destroy the intimate life of the affected male. Medicines like Sildenafil citrate 200mg, a higher dose doctors prescribe for erection issues supports erection even after ejaculation to overcome the ejaculation problem.


Spermatorrhea is different from premature ejaculation, though both are involuntary ejaculations. Premature ejaculation occurs before the intended period or before completion of the intimate session. Here, the male is involved in an intimate session with the partner. In case of spermatorrhea, ejaculation occurs in sleep or during the day when the male may not be thinking about any such thought that could lead to ejaculation.

Causes and conditions leading to spermatorrhea 

Excess masturbation or indulgence also leads to the problem. The mind which always stays in the same thoughts of intimacy, there is bound to be ejaculation with or without erection. Again the obsession with the thoughts of intimacy could be due to lack of satisfaction. Experts also point out the weakness in the nervous system as a cause behind the problem.

Some health care experts believe that toilets where a male has to squat also put excessive force on bowel movement, which leads to discharge of some semen. If the problem happens on a daily basis, it can lead to serious problems.

Sometimes a long absence from any physical relation may cause discharge, but it will not be a serious problem. It can be cured by just maintaining normal physical relations. 

Symptoms and treatment options

The first and visible symptom is fatigue and general body weakness. Dizziness, loss of appetite, pain in testes, back pain, abnormal heart beating, itching and burning sensation around genital area, etc are some of the common symptoms. The male also finds it difficult to spend time with the partner, as he fears that his ejaculation may interfere with the normal relations.

Treatment options

Excess ejaculation is not a disease.  However, the problem worsens when it prevents the affected male from discharging normal duties as a husband. That is why it is important to check its growth and prevent premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, the two common male weaknesses from emerging.

Treatment options depend on the severity of the problem and its effect on the male.  Untreated spermatorrhea could lead to premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. A male with excess ejaculation will find it difficult to get an erection. Erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation will ruin the intimate life of the male. The diet modification, absence from masturbation, controlling mind, and concentrating on the task at hand, are some of the steps that bring a drastic improvement in spermatorrhea. 

Diet modification

diet modification include increasing intake of vegetables , fruits , nuts ,and reducing portions of spicy food and fried food items . Lifestyle modification and counseling sessions bring permanent cure. Counseling sessions will deal with any mental or emotional issue that may be causing the problem. Limit intake of alcohol to regain control over the nervous system. A weak nervous system is one of the causes of excess ejaculation.

Counseling session

Males with excess thoughts on physical stimulation, obsessive behavior or lack of control over thinking are counseled to change their behavior. The one on one private session helps the affected male to discuss their inner emotions and feelings and find a safe outlet. The sessions also change their response towards the same thoughts which earlier led to excess discharge.

A male who has developed erectile dysfunction as a result of excess ejaculation is prescribed Levitra 60 mg for increased erection gaining capacity. The medicine is for severe erection problems or when smaller doses fail to produce the desired result. 


Spermatorrhea is a treatable problem with simple treatment steps involving diet change and behavior change. The treatment is necessary to check the worsening of the problem to erectile dysfunction. diet change , exercises , taking mind away from the thoughts which create the problem bring permanent results . Consult the doctor to discuss various short term and long term solutions.

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