Styling Your Look With These Trendy Hats

If you are looking for the love of your life then some apps will allow you to swipe right and look on for the perfect match. But as far as your styling is concerned, making the perfect match with the hats isn’t that easy. 


There are various custom hat printing areas you could find which will uplift your styling but most men have resigned themselves from trying their hands on it. The reason being is their unsuccessful earlier attempts which made them look horrific. 


Although the choices are nearly endless, you still want to get your hands on the perfect hat which fits your styling pretty well and looks good on you. 



Now the tricky part here is that you have to match it up with your current wardrobe only. Don’t worry since we are here with the top 3 trending hats which you can pull off smartly with our tips.


The Fedora


This is a hat that is associated with a long history as being the first choice of headgear. The roots of this hat go back to the Greek word for “gift from God”. The style of this specific hat came in and out of trend during the late 19th century. 


For example, during prohibition-era America, this hat went popular amongst the gangsters. You can look at history and find there are plenty of men who wore this hat with pride. 


During the golden period of Hollywood, there was hardly any time when Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart were spotted without the fedora hat. If you are looking for a custom fedora hat to suit your styling, just look up custom hats near me over the internet and get your hands on one.


Although it might look a bit ravishing, if carried properly then the person will personify the old school charm with his looks. However, to wear this hat you have to ditch your jeans, trainers, and sweatshirt. 



Go for the hat which suits and fits you pretty well and if you want to try experimenting with the hat being slightly tilted at the back angle, then go for the hat which is slightly too small so that it could fit in on your head like a crown.


The Baseball Cap


The baseball cap is the love for the sports fan and it stands tall as a true sporting icon since the time it made its debut in 1860. The main characters of this cap would be the protruding peak and rear fastening. 


Back then the original manufactures’ purpose was to protect the players from the sun rays falling directly into their eyes. But these days, the baseball cap is used for leisure and sports both where people use it to complete their daily dressing as well sometimes. 


Although celebs have been using this cap to hide from the paparazzi in the public or during the press conference for the tired look or bad hair day. 


But you could see how rappers have flaunted the usage of these caps and with the options of custom printing Vancouver available, you could create an art form out of these caps.


You too can sport this look with the traditional curve that gives a glance of sporty personality inside you along with the usual leather or wool wearing you love to be around in. Another trending way to rock this look is by rotating the cap 180 degrees backward which gives a more hip-hop look. 



Apart from that, if you are more interested in getting a streetwear styling look similar to snapbacks or the five-panel caps jar then you can go on to try these baseball caps with the overshirts and hoodies.


The Bucket Hat


Since with the styling trends, it is easy to spot a fashion statement that was trending in the late 90s and this is no exception with different headgear as well. This is where the bucket hat made its return in the fashion industry and this is no surprise. 


Especially when it wasn’t brought in the first place with looks in mind. This was a risky attempt with your fashion styling since you have to be brave with trying these hats on. 


The bucket hat can be considered as the flaming heat into the fashion world since only the boldest could make the courage to try them on.


If you are looking to try your hands on this hat then the good news is that you don’t have to be dressed up in a retro tracksuit to look exceptionally well and it can go well with your streetwear. 


These hats can universally go with any styling you carry around and you can introduce the bucket hat to be the casual streetwear statement that will evolve. Don’t try to try this styling with the festive environment where this will make you look out of place.

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