The best portable Bluetooth speaker In 2021

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Bluetooth speakers can be chosen by identifying the criteria first.

1. Battery Capacity: Choose from the choices depending on the speakers’ battery life. You’d better prefer a speaker with a pretty long battery life if you’re going on a ride.

2. Waterproofness: Again, opting for a water-resistant speaker is not a bad idea if you want to take the speaker for an adventure tour.

3. Audio and Size: You can pick a larger speaker with decent sound quality if you want to have speakers handy for a house party or if you are in a mood to dance your heart out. For a lively evening, I have a smaller JBL speaker and a larger JBL for family occasions.

4. Compatibility with the Bluetooth version: Preferably, go for speakers compatible with the new Bluetooth models.

Few best portable Bluetooth speaker options are:

1. Logitech UE Megaboom

UE Boom 2 is a compact, durable wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays louder and is slightly better than the original Boom.

It is stain-resistant, shock-resistant, and now completely waterproof. Battery life is strong for 15 hours and can be paired with another UE speaker for stereo sound.

Outside, at least, it hasn’t changed much. Despite some minor but significant aesthetic changes, the two speakers are very similar.

Coming in six color options at launch, this new model has a tight weave on the fabric cover, which makes it even more durable.

Additionally, the flap covering the ports is now well integrated into the unit with a groove on the top of the speaker, which flushes everything out.

Another external change is the degree of weatherproofing. The original was water-resistant, but this model was completely waterproof (IPX 7 – 30 m immersion up to 1 m), as well as drop-resistant up to five feet or 1.5 m.

If you forget to close the USB charging port and close the small flap that covers the audio input, UE says you do not have to worry about water inside the speaker.

2. Bose Soundlink III

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker III The compact Bluetooth speaker looks great, plays louder than its predecessor, and offers better battery life.

It has a sleek and sleek design, with the option to separate the auxiliary input and protective cover (sold separately).

Soundlink III is slightly wider than previous versions, measuring approximately 5 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 2 inches deep and weighs 3 pounds.

Launched in 2011, both the original Soundlink mobile speaker and the Soundlink mobile speaker II offer 8 hours of battery life. The new model increases that number to 14 hours.

Previous models had a built-in casing, which was changed to a stand. However, with the Soundlink III integrated cover and Soundlink Mini far apart.

you can buy the optional accessory cover in a variety of colors for $ 34.95. In other words, if you need some extra security, it will cost you.

3. Bose Soundlink Mini II

The Bose Soundlink Mini II is a very sleek, compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that feels great for its small size.

It has excellent build quality with a unibody aluminum enclosure and has a charging d that you can plugin.

The new 1.5-pound (0.67 kg) model looks similar to its predecessor – good thing, because it is one of the smaller speakers that looks bigger – but it has a built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities.

Another improvement is its 10-hour battery rating, up from 7 hours on the previous model.

Wrapping up improvements: The speaker is now charged via a standard USB cable instead of the proprietary AC adapter, which is a significant change.

“Most USB power sources are charged,” Bose said. It also includes charging dials that act as a dock for the device at home.

(I personally always leave the USB charging cable to the ones connected to the Bose, and then take the second micro-USB cable and charger to the road.)

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