The pros and cons of using chatbots in e-commerce

In recent years, we have all witnessed a significant increase in the utilization of artificial intelligence chatbots on websites, especially in e-commerce. But more than one has surely wondered:

ü  What are they?

ü  Where did they come from?

ü  What’s its purpose?

ü  Are we interested or not to use them?

ü  Are they effective as a customer service method?

Let’s see it.

What is a chatbot

Chatbots are computer systems that provide tailored and automated customer support. It helps boost our users’ experience as chatbots are always open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlike traditional customer-service models, which inherently appear to have time constraints, without having to have anyone on the other side to solve matters. Some of the most popular AI chatbots we deal with every day are Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa, etc. We find these and blogs in messaging applications directly implemented in such social media as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Slack to handle requests.

We can also mention well-developed chatbots from the well known Duolingo mobile language app. The Pizza Hut chatbots are available on Twitter and Facebook in the social accounts of the company. Or the Skyscanner chatbots are available for you to find the best flight deals. Another interesting chat is Surveybot, which enables us to carry out surveys of users who follow us via their Facebook messengers.

The most important advantage of a chat is that users can speak to them naturally and ask them for details, ask them to take action, ask questions, etc. We always find them on websites, but this is not always the case. However, for this post, writers of cheap assignment writing service UK want to explore the advantages and the disadvantages of having a chatbot in e-commerce, where customer service is important. We want to research precisely this sort of chatbots as much as possible for the consumer.

Advantages of chatbots

24/7 availability

Chatbots have no time and can help, handle, and solve your customers’ doubts at any time of the day. Although the chatbot isn’t as powerful as a real operator, it successfully answers several basic questions that don’t need human interaction.

Filtering of questions

You should file the most regular, redundant, and/or query-free with a chatbot since the software can solve them without passing them to the customer support team. You will reduce the employees’ workload and give them more Zeit to effectively address the most challenging problems, which will help reduce reaction times and make the customer experience even more agile.

For e.g., requests for an order status, frequently asked questions from customers, requests for information on goods, etc.

Immediate response

Chatbots don’t have to “think,” so they can answer questions quickly and simultaneously cover a number of requests.

Personalized experience

Chatbots will provide the users with a customized experience, learning from and about them. They easily adjust their preferences and needs to suit each guest and make suggestions for information or assistance.

Good image

Chatbots will portray a positive picture of the organization, both in terms of customer support and projects that our company is up-to-date in advances, in addition to allowing us to be even more proactive and decisive in our service. Technology and show concern about giving clients the best possible service.


Disadvantages of chatbots

Possibilities limited

Not everybody would be able to afford a chatbot at Google’s or Siri’s stage. Nor is it necessary! However, if the chatbot functionality is very minimal, it won’t be able to contribute much to improving customer support.


Not all companies will get profit from them

Chatbots can be useful for an online store or specific, reasonably straightforward services. For example: ordering a taxi, ordering food at home, besides other purposes.

However, there would be e-commerce in which a chatbot has no place, and it may be more detrimental to force its introduction than anything else. Instead of helping, it may confuse the consumer who is browsing the site, contributing to a negative experience. In such situations, it is easier to select customer service with a set timetable without any intermediaries.


They can be harmful.

The implementation of this chatbot, which appears every time you visit the website, asks if you need anything from it, maybe disruptive and distracting, just like we ask the customer service workers if anything is needed when we enter a physical store. It is best to relegate it to a prominent position on the website, but in a concise manner, so that users know that if they need help, they can click and open the chatbot conversation window or pop-up.

Take, for instance, the cute Office 97-2003 assistant Clippy (DEP uh). This Microsoft suite animated character was nothing other than useful. No one wants their chatbot to become analogous to Clippy and to lead to a high bounce rate and poor traffic. Our reputation in the worst cases.


Chatbots may be incorrect

Because the application can not understand what the user wants and reacts fully against what is being asked for by it. However, technology is constantly evolving, and a chatbot can be very effective and easily programmed.


Everybody doesn’t know or want a chat.

A chatbot is likely to be well received by a younger audience used to handle artificial intelligence applications, and generally more familiar with technology and internet browsing.

But we mustn’t ignore the elderly or those who don’t get along with technology so well. As consumers, they are no less valuable.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of understanding and assessing our future customers and our target audience well, deciding whether investing in a chatbot is a good idea and whether the people who visit our website will actually (want or know) use it and leverage its potential.

It’s important to note that while chatbots are an extremely useful and effective tool, they don’t substitute customer service with trained staff, so we need to take them into account for what they are a supplement to boost user experience on our Assignments Planet.

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