Thoughts on Retail

The retail sector has grown incredibly as the American middle class has grown over the last 6-decades. It has outperformed pretty much every other area of our economy except for services for employment. Obviously, regularly there is also a blurred line the between retail and service area, after all without client care or packaging methodologies it’s difficult for retailers to remain in business or develop.

Having been in the carwash area throughout the long term and viewing the different straightforward procedures to improve retail deals, and having founded a franchising company I’ve decided that I ought to be sharing my insight, experiences, observations, and strategies with all of you. Maybe, why I’ve set out on a mission to write articles such as this on the retail sector, you see, today, Brick and Mortars are set in opposition to online web sales, and some wise retailing companies are harnessing the power of the web and creating synergistic strategies some are paying off, others were ahead of their time and flopped miserably.

Having the correct mix and agility to adapt quickly may simply figure out which brick and mortars survive and which neglect to perform or stay reasonable later on. We are in fact seeing this reality now, and its no secret, one only has to read the financial news or retail industry trade journals to see what’s occurring.

OK anyway, you are probably wondering to whom I want to reach with this article? Well it is for new start-up retailers, small mom and pop businesses, online retailers, business students, and large retail executives who are as still trying to hone their strategies. My primary concern is that perhaps more retailing executives need to stop looking back and start looking forward, to quit replicating the industry leaders, and cut out a specialty which includes both sides of the game, the virtual space as well as the real estate retail locations.

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