Toasts and Disadvantage of Bootstrap

 Bootstrap Toasts

Push information to your visitors with a toast, a lightweight and easily customizable alert message.

Toasts are lightweight information created to mimic the push information that have been famous by mobile and desktop operating systems. They’re create with flexbox, so they’re easily to align and position.

 Designing the Toasts with Bootstrap

The toast component is recently proposed in Bootstrap 4. Additionally, toasts are opt-in for performance cause, like a tooltips, so you must subscribe them yourself with toast() method. Also, toasts will directly hide after 500 milliseconds (0.5 second), if you do not specify autohide: false. Now ,you can look how to designed a toast in any web page.

Step 1: Adding the Toast Markup

Toasts markups are pretty straightforward. The following example will explain you how to make a toast component with a header, body, and a close button. <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“.show-toast”).click(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast(‘show’); }); }); </script>


Note: By default toasts will automatically hide if you do not set autohide to false.

Show Toast We miss you!11 mins ago×It’s been a long time since you visited us. We’ve anything unique for you. Click here!

Step 2: Triggering the Toasts

Toasts can be triggered via JavaScript — just call thetoast() Bootstrap method commonly used with the class, id or any CSS selector or any CSS selector of the target element in your JavaScript code.. <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast(‘show’); }); </script>

Stacking Toasts Vertically

Multiple toasts are vertically stacked in a readable manner automatically. Here’s an example:



 Hello, Gurukul Zone SRCS!Online×These are simple toast text. Hello,Gurukul Zone SRCS!5 minutes ago×See? This is other toast message.

Placement of Toasts

You can place toasts anywhere on your web page using custom CSS. However, the top right or top middle side is recommended for notifications. Also, if you only want to show one toast at a time, put the positioning styles inline i.e. directly on the .toast element. Hello, Gurukul Zone SRCS!just now×This is a easy toast message. Hello,Gurukul Zone SRCS!5 minutes ago×See? This is one more toast message.


There are certain options which may be passed to toast() functionality of a toast. Options can be passed via data attributes or JavaScript.

Data attributes provides an easy way for setting the toast options, however JavaScript is the more preferable way as it prevents you from repetitive work. See the .toast(options) method in the section below to know how to set the options for toasts using JavaScript.For setting the toast options via data attributes, just append the option name to data-data-autohide=”false”, data-delay=”3000″, etc. etc.


These are the classy Bootstrap’s toast methods::- $().toast(options)

This method activates the content as a toast. It also allows you to set options for them. The jQuery code in the following example will prevent the toast from closing automatically.


<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“.show-toast”).click(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast({ autohide: false }); }); }); </script>  .toast(‘show’)

This method is used to display the toast.


<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“.show-toast”).click(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast(‘show’); }); }); </script>  .toast(‘hide’)

This method is used to hide toast. You’ve to manually call this method if you set autohide to false.


<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“.hide-toast”).click(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast(‘hide’); }); }); </script>  .toast(‘dispose’)

This method hides the toast. It will remain on the DOM but won’t show anymore.


<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“.dispose-toast”).click(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast(‘dispose’); }); }); </script>


Bootstrap’s modal class includes few events for hooking into modal functionality.


<script> $(document).ready(function(){ $(“.dispose-toast”).click(function(){ $(“#myToast”).toast(‘dispose’); }); }); </script>


The following example displays an alert message to the user when fade out transition of the modal window has been fully completed.

Toast Events

An alert will be displayed once you close the toast. Bootstrap12 mins ago×It is used for creating a wonderful and mobile web development.It helps for developer and coders to make a responsive websites Click here!

 Advantages and Disadvantages of Bootstrapping


 Works in all modern browers(1E9+,Chrome,Safari,Mozilla..)

 Rapid Development

 Fully and easy customizable

 Comes with jquery plugins

 Simplicity of Design

 Low noise

 Low cost

 Computer decides which item to obtain from local desk and which to obtain over the n/w.


 No backward compatability between versions

 Complicated Design

 Low efficiency if input-output difference is large

 Network traffic and delay

 High parts count

 Cost factor

 May require a heat sink

 Computer issues request message to server. Every and each response return a short value (IP) addresses. Networks enforce min.packed size, so many of the space in every packet is destroyed.

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