Top 10 Educational Customized Apps for Android Phones

Not long ago mobile phones were known as a source of distraction for a child. This concerned teachers regarding the effect of mobile phones on the education of the student. But for every problem, there is a solution. So in order to rise up against this issue; teachers came up with educational apps. These apps can share the learning experience which is provided in school through mobiles.

In the following article, we will be looking at the top ten educational apps and their features which are playing a prominent role in the educational world. From getting you a perfect math equation to expert of best dissertation writing portal to even the most basic yet important periodic table. One can now easily pay somone to write my dissertation in UK. These apps have it all!   

Top Ten Educational Apps:

1.      Google Classroom:

It is essentially known as a virtual classroom. Google Classroom can be utilized for delivering announcements, initiating discussions, handing and assessing assignments, requesting remarks and solutions, etc.  


·   Improved communication

·   Enhanced organization

·   Fast evaluating techniques


2.      EdX:

EdX is a platform where you can have multiple universities at your fingertips. EdX provides over 2000 courses of top universities. The professional credentials and university merits that you get from the courses will always be important for building your professional career.


·   Video seminars

·   Notes

·   Communal quizzes


3.      Khan Academy:

Khan academy dominates the lists due to its free availability of world-class education all around the globe. All the classes are held in video conferences. The display of the video is done in such manner as if a teacher is explaining on a blackboard. It also has courses like SAT, MCAT, LSAT, etc, to prepare for standardized tests.


·   Progress tracking

·   Practice exercises

·   Learning in different languages


4.      Duolingo:

Duolingo is known as one of the best language learning apps. It analyzes your performance and based on that it provides you with insights. By performing well, you will receive XP’s. The more XP’s you gain the more groups of interactive stories will be unlocked for you to read and listen to.


·   30+ languages

·   Forum meetings

·   Language learning events


5.      Remind:

     Remind accommodates us to stay connected with our school. Therefore, this platform includes parents and teachers as well. After joining regular updates are given regarding school. The app can also be utilized for information sharing both individually and collaboratively.


·   exchange photos, handouts, and flyers

·   Chat translations in 70+ languages

·   On-spot messaging





6.      Photomath:

Photomath can help to solve complex math problems with ease. The process is quite easy; you just have to take a picture of the question and the app itself will assist you to solve the question step-by-step.


·   Scan printed/handwritten issues

·   Various solving techniques

·   Animated guidelines


7.      SoloLearn:

SoloLearn is specially designed for coding enthusiasts. The sololearn app does not discriminate an individual’s experience in the field of coding instead it provides a vast collection of free coding tutorials of different coding languages.


·   A friendly platform for coders

·   Seminars on the latest coding trends

·   Free mobile code editor


8.      Quizlet:

Quizlets has numerous method to make learning easier and convenient. It comprises of million flashcards in the app. Flashcards initiate active recalls, the phase of actively simulating memory while learning. It is one of the most useful learning techniques out there.


·Practice quizzes

·Study sets for standardized exams

·Custom images and audio to improve learning






9.      Kahoot:

Kahoot is one of the best educational apps for those who prefer learning through quizzes. The quizmaster develops a quiz competition and represents it on an interactive whiteboard or projector. Therefore players can join the quiz by using a pin and answers the question on the app.


·   Easy game development

·   Host live quiz on big screens

·   Compete with 2000+ live contestants

10.  Udemy:    

Udemy is one of the best learning apps, it has a compilation of 130,000 video tutorials covering a wide range of subjects. The app also provides courses for developing an app for mobile.


·   Expert advisors

·   seminars

·   Survey creator

·   Friendly learning


Effects Of Educational Apps On The Community:

There is no denying the fact that educational apps are an interesting way of learning for the new generation. Instead of listening to a boring lecture, students have to attempt interesting exercises. Educational apps prioritize individual learning which can be a great help for slow learners. The educational apps decrease the expenditure of money on education plus it’s convenient because you can use the app anywhere.


Along with benefits, there are also some disadvantages of e-learning such as students tend to get distracted by unrelated information available on the web during class, or in some cases, students start playing games instead of focusing in class.


Final thought (conclusion):

In order to prevent students from getting distracted; more programs should be added to block unrelated information from appearing during the lesson. Therefore, along with the evolvement of the learning method, we should adapt to it in order to grow. 

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